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Tomoyuki Hoshino’s Tweets

For several weeks after March 11, 2011, Brent Lue translated selected Tweets and Retweets from Tomoyuki Hoshino‘s Twitter page (  

Hoshino, pictured here, also maintains the website  


Feel free to share, repost, mirror, and retranslate these twitters into other languages. 


·  必読。フォーサイト「原子力安全委員会はどこへいった?」 福島第一原発の事故は、「想定外の規模の震災」だったからではなく、想定自体が「業界の都合」で小さくされたから。about 2 hours ago via Saezuri



A must read. Foresight: “Where did the Atomic Safety Commission go?” The accident at Fukushima Daiichi was not due to an “earthquake of un unimaginable magnitude”, but rather because the expectations of the industry for disaster were minimized out of self-interest.




· @maomk68ありがとうございます。こういう情報は助かります。新宿は19みたいですね。about 2 hours ago via Saezuriin reply to maomk68



@maomk68 Thanks so much. This sort of information is so helpful. Actually, it looks like Shinjuku is 19 becquerels/kg now.



· maomk68 @hoshinot ざっとデータを見たんですが、によると、東京都新宿区の値は3月22日でヨウ素1319.3Bq/kgですから、低い値で推移してます。甲状腺がんの予防には8.1日の期間を空ければいいということになります。



I just checked the data, but according to, Shinjuku in Tokyo’s values for Iodine-131 were 9.3 becquerels/kg on the 22nd, but they seem to be going down. It looks like to avoid any chance of thyroid cancer, we should wait about 8.1 days before feeling safe.



**Translator’s note. Maomk68 misread the values on Shinjuku’s reading is 19 becquerels/kg, while Gunma’s readings are at 9.3 Bq/kg.



·  @ikdych 23区なんでね。調べてみます。about 2 hours ago via Saezuri in reply to ikdych


@ikdych She’s in district 23. I’ll go check things out.



·ikdych  @hoshinot子供は心配だよね。くみ置き作戦はいいんじゃない? 半減期のながいやつは問題だけど、水道水で問題になっているのは放射性ヨウ素っぽいので。ちなみに三鷹市はtwitterで水道水の水源の情報を流しているけど、何か大丈夫そう。妹さんの自治体でもやってると心強いよね。



·ikdych  @hoshinot Yeah, I’m really worried about the kids. Setting aside tap water should be enough, shouldn’t it? What’s problematic are the radioactive elements with long half-lives, but right now it looks like the radioactive element affecting tap water is Iodine (not Cesium).  Specifically, in Mitaka-shi, they’re spreading info about the water supply for the tap water on Twitter, but so far, it looks like everything is okay over there.



·  @ikdych そうだよね、どの水にも210ベクレルが含まれているとは限らないわけだよね。それより多いかもしれないし少ないかもしれない。いずれにせよ、汲み置きは多少は意味があると考えていいんだよね? 妹の子どもが心配で。about 3 hours ago via Saezuriin reply to ikdych



·@ikddych. You’re right. It’s not as if all the water has 210 becquerels of radiation. There may be more or less in the water. Regardless, setting aside some water for later use should have some meaning, shouldn’t it? I’m worried about my younger sister’s kid.



·  ファッション誌の編集者から聞いた話。モデルの大半が外国人だったが、今はみんな帰国していないので、ハーフの人などをモデルにしているそうだ。about 3 hours ago via Saezuri


This is what I heard from an editor at a fashion magazine. More than half of their models were foreign, but because some of them haven’t returned home, they’re having half-Japanese people model, too.



·  今日は服飾関係の若い友人たちと会った。そこで聞いたこと。福島や宮城は縫製工場が多い地域なのだが、高級百貨店などはその地域からの製品の仕入れをストップしているところがあるという。風評被害どころではない、復興を邪魔する行為。日本には略奪はない代わりに、いじめがある。about 3 hours ago via Saezuri



Today I met a young friend of mine involved in the garment business. This is what I heard from them. Apparently, Fukushima and Miyagi have a lot of garment factories, but recently the luxury department stores have stopped buying clothes from those areas. This isn’t about preventing a bad reputation; rather, this is an act that only forestalls our recovery. Here in Japan, rather than plundering, there’s bullying instead.



·  水道水の放射性ヨウ素、半減期が8日なら、8日間汲み置きしておけば、基準値を下回る、と理解していいんだろうか? ペットボトルの水が手に入らない、乳幼児を抱える家庭は、とりあえずそれで少しはリスクを減らせる、と思っていいんだろうか?

If the half life of the radioactive iodine in the water supply is only 8 days, I wonder if setting aside some water for about 8 days will help the radiation levels below standard levels. Hopefully families with infants who can’t get bottled water can lower the risks they take like that. 




連載開始まではまだ少し間があるので、さらに先を書き進めねばならないが、まずは冒頭ができてほっとした。冒頭は、その小説の一部ではない。冒頭が書けるためには、小説全体を一度、私が生ききる必要がある。全体を生ききらないうちに冒頭を書こうとしたので、うまくいかずに難航した。about 5 hours ago via web




There’s a bit of time before things get serialized, and I should start writing the next part, but for the moment I’m just relieved that I have the beginning part finished. The beginning of a novel is not just a “part” of the work. In order to write the beginning of a book, I have to fully-live out the entire novel once. I had difficulty this time in particular because I began writing it without having lived through it completely.






ああ、やっっっと連載長編の冒頭部、脱稿。去年の秋には書けているはずだったのに難航し、何度も締め切りを延ばしてもらった。その間、友人、知人、仕事の関係者との約束も断りまくってご迷惑をかけた。先週だった締め切りも、地震の後に書けなくなってまた延期。でもやっと終わった。about 5 hours ago via web


Aaaah! I finally finished writing the first part of my serial novel. I had been writing it since last Fall, but I had some difficulties and I kept on having my deadline extended. I broke so many promises with my friends, acquaintances, and co-workers in the meanwhile. And with the earthquake, I delayed things again because of writer’s block. But now, it’s all finished.




·  nakajima1975




明後日、秋葉原事件の判決がある。新聞・テレビは予定していた特集をほぼすべてキャンセルにしたようだ。もう秋葉原事件がメディアで大きく取り上げられることはないだろう。大相撲、前原辞任、都知事選、統一地方選、リビア、TPP。熱狂の中で大切なことが忘却されスルーされる。複眼的な視点を。about 10 hours ago via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 100+ others




The day after tomorrow is the judicial ruling for the Akihabara Incident. The newspapers and the TV networks canceled their special coverage, though. I suppose the Akihabara Incident won’t get any more headline coverage from now on, with Sumo, Maehara’s quitting, the mayoral election, regional unification referendums, Libya, and the TPP…With all this craziness, important things like Akihabara will be forgotten and cast to the curb. We should take a more multi-faceted approach to looking at things.




·  ChieMatsumoto




石原東京都知事の「震災は天罰」発言。湊小学校に避難している女性は、地元テレビの取材班に向かって「地元の人は傷ついている。ここまで来て、みんなの前で謝れと言っておいてくれ」と。ぜひ、伝えてほしい。Monday, March 21, 2011 9:00:39 AM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 66 others




Regarding Tokyo Mayor Ishihara’s comment about the earthquake being “divine retribution”, one woman taking shelter at Minato Elementary school went up to local TV crew and said, “The people here are injured. Tell that bastard to come right here and apologize in front of everyone!” I hope he gets the message.




·  HidekiMorihara




このアピールに賛同した(災害時性暴力被害への対策を求めます。災害時、極度のストレスで性暴力が増加することは、過去の大災害時にも確認されている。アピールは経験に基づき具体的で実践可能な提案。メンタルケア体制と併せ実現を提案したい。Monday, March 21, 2011 7:57:37 AM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 84 others


I totally agree with this appeal. (This group is seeking countermeasures to deal with sexual violence in times of disaster Previous large-scale natural disasters have confirmed the reality that sexual violence increases with extreme levels of stress. This appeal is based on this experience, and suggests practical applications that can be implemented. I’d love to implement this system in partnership with the Mental Healthcare system.






今こそ読みたい本。この表紙は東名高速道路の裾野付近だな。RT @nakajima1975: 『秋葉原事件-加藤智大の軌跡』(朝日新聞出版)が刊行されました。 Monday, March 21, 2011 8:35:48 AM via Saezuri




This is a book I want to read, especially now. The cover was taken somewhere near Susono on the Tomei Expressway. @nakajima1975 “The Akihabara Incident- A Focus on Kato Tomohiro” (Asahi Shimbun Publishing) just got released. 




@riquitanシンディ・ローパー、行ったんですね。中止にせずにやったなんてシビレます。かっこいい。Saturday, March 19, 2011 11:25:48 AM via Saezuriin reply to riquitan


@riquitan. You went to see Cindy Lauper? The fact that she didn’t cancel gave me goosebumps. She’s so cool!




やっと見えた! このおぼろ月、すごく幻想的。RT @H_Sunagawa: @hoshinotスーパーフルムーン見ようと思って、外に出たけど、すご〜い朧月だった残念。@YU_beARTist Saturday, March 19, 2011 6:40:49 AM via Saezuri


I finally got to see it! The hazy moon’s really fantastic. RT @H_Sunagawa @hoshinot I wanted to go see the Super Full-Moon, but as soon as I stepped outside, it was hazy and obscured by clouds. What a shame.






この部屋からは東の空が見えないけど、楽しみ。RT @goldbug2_2: @hoshinot今日はスーパーフルムーンですよ5:10 AM Mar 19th via HootSuite


I can’t see the eastern sky from this room, but I’m looking forward to seeing it! RT @gold_bug2_@: @hoshinot Today is the Super Full Moon!






夕焼け、見終わる。いいものを堪能した。また仕事に戻る。さんざん延ばしてもらった締切りが迫っていて、ニュースに構っていられない。原発情報を気にしながら、小説を書くことはできない。5:04 AM Mar 19th via Saezuri


Finished watching the sunset.  It was so beautiful. Going back to work. A deadline I had extended is steadily approaching, so I can’t afford to be getting caught up in the news. I can’t write novels while worrying about the latest info on the nuclear reactors.






今日の暖かさで、ブルーベリーの蕾がだいぶ膨らんだ。でも咲いたとたん、ヒヨドリに食われるんだろうな。あんな小さな花でも目ざとく見つけてくる。これからヒヨドリとの攻防が始まる。5:01 AM Mar 19th via Saezuri


The blueberry buds were pretty swollen today because of the warm weather. I’m sure that they’ll be eaten by the bulbuls as soon as they blossom, though. Those birds can find even the smallest flowers in a flash. The battle with the bulbuls begins! 






The sunset is beautiful.













· もちろん、原発をめぐる情報が、東電や政府から十分に出ているとは私も思えず、最悪の状態を想定するようにはしている。だが、今の東京がすでに最悪の状態に陥っているわけでもない。恐怖に支配されたら、自我は吹っ飛び、集団のメンタリティに飲み込まれる。






about 6 hours ago via Saezuri



Obviously, I, too, think that the information coming from TEPCO and the government isn’t nearly enough, and I’m inclined to assume the worst. But it’s not as if Tokyo has already fallen into the worst-case scenario. When we are ruled by fear, we lose our senses of self and get sucked into this sort of group mentality.  



·  外から見ると、とんでもない事態になっているように思えても、そこに暮らしている人は、外がイメージするほど極端な状況には置かれていない、ということはよくある。今、東京はそのような見え方をしているのだろう。about 6 hours ago via Saezuri

Even if from the outside we think that things over there have turned for the worst, it’s often the case that people actually living in those conditions aren’t really as bad off as others imagine. The external perception of Tokyo is probably just the same.



·  メキシコで新型インフルエンザが発生したとき、メキシコはまるで死の病が蔓延しているかのように報道された。日本でもそんなイメージで受け止められた。だが、メキシコに住んでいる日本人の友だちに聞くと、ちょっと不自由だけど普通に暮らしてるよ、と言う。そんなもんだ、と思った。続about 6 hours ago via Saezuri

When the Swine Flu popped up in Mexico, the Mexican news treated it as if a fatal plague had begun to spread. In Japan, the same sort of image was taken-in. But when I talked to a Japanese friend living in Mexico, he just said that although were a couple restrictions, he was just living normally. “It’s not that serious?”, I thought.



· こういう側面もじつはあると私も思っている。RT @GenYamaguchi: 『米国人弁護士が疑問に思う在日外国人の地震パニック』在日外国人の地震パニックが伝染している 6 hours ago via Saezuri


I think there’s a good amount of truth in this guy’s opinion of things. @RT Gen_Yamaguchi “An American Lawyer Questions The Earthquake Hysteria of Foreigners in Japan”


·  菅直人は首相じゃなくて、天皇のつもりなのかな。今の会見の言葉。about 11 hours ago via Saezuri

With that speech of his at today’s conference, I’m starting to wonder if Naoto Kan is trying to be the Emperor instead of the Prime Minister.



· ついに。どう受けとめて良いのか迷う。RT @gloomynews: リビアへの飛行禁止区域設定が国連安保理で可決され、まもなく仏・英・デンマーク軍によるリビア空爆が開始される予定。英軍は金曜日から出撃すると政府関係者。 about 21 hours ago via Saezuri



This is so sudden. I haven’t a clue how to take this. RT @gloomynews Libya has now been declared a no-fly zone by the UN, and France, England, and Denmark are expected to begin airbombing Libya. According to a government official, England will begin its attack on Friday.



· 小説でも同じで、震災以前の心と体には戻れないのだということを痛感しながら書いている。結局、冒頭からまるまる書き直した。それまでは書くのがつらかった。RT @honsukesan: 今日ちらっと役者に帰り道話すと「震災以後の自分の身体と演技がウソ臭くてつらい」というつぶやきを聞く。about 22 hours ago via Saezuri

I feel the same way about my current novel. Now, I’m writing with the pain that my body and my heart will never be able to return to the way they were before the earthquake. In the end, I had to re-write almost everything from the top. It was just that painful. RT @honsukesan Today when I asked an official about the return to normalcy, he whispered to me, “After the earthquake, my body and my acting are so full of lies that it hurts”.



· 小説書いてきてよかったよ。地震以来、すべての楽しみがキャンセルだけど、ジエン社、待ち遠し。でも無理はせんでね。RT @honsukesan: @dancinghorce918 @RUItheGENT僕も今読み返しています。『俺俺』。今回のお芝居で、参考にさせていただいている所もabout 22 hours ago via Saezuri

I’m so glad I wrote that novel. Ever since the earthquake, all of my pleasures have been canceled, but I can’t wait for The End of Company’s performance. But don’t push yourself too much, now! RT@ honsukesan: @dancinghorce918 @RUItheGent I’m reading over Ore Ore now. Especially the parts that were mentioned in the performance.



·  うひゃー、ありがてえ! 今日はちょっとグロッキーだったが、力湧いてきた。多謝。RT @dancinghorce918: 私も今晩読んでいました。女の俺ですw RT @hoshinotこんな今だからこそ、読んでくれてることがすげぇー嬉しいです。RT @RUItheGENT「俺俺」11:17 AM Mar 17th via HootSuite

Oooh, thanks!! Today I’m a little groggy, but that just gave me a bit of strength. Many thanks. RT @dancinghorce918 I stayed up late reading it, too. I’m a girl “Ore” though. RT @hoshinot Now, especially, I’m glad that people are reading my book. RT @RUItheGEnt Reading Ore Ore is giving me strength! Thanks!

·  いやー、すごく仕事する気になるなあ。感謝。RT @ruithegent: @hoshinot俺、俺俺で元気です()ありがとうございます。11:02 AM Mar 17th via HootSuite

Woo! I’ve really gotten in the mood to do some work. Thanks. RT @ruithegent @hoshinot Reading Ore Ore is giving me strength. Thanks!!    

·  こんな今だからこそ、読んでくれてることがすげぇー嬉しいです。RT @RUItheGENT: 「俺俺」さっき買って読んでいます。すげぇー共感してもうかなり読み進めています。止まらない。こんな今ですが、読み終えるまでは死ねない!勝手にシナリオ化したいくらいです() 10:49 AM Mar 17th via Saezuri

Now, especially, I’m glad that people are reading my book. RT @RUItheGENT I just bought Ore Ore and am reading it now. I really got it into it and I’ve read through a lot already. I just can’t stop. I can’t die unless I finish it! I really want to turn it into a screenplay!



· 振り込め詐欺が発生していると、警視庁が発表。被災地に親族がいる人に、被災した息子や祖父母を装い、お金を送ってくれ、と頼むケースだそうです。

The police are reporting that several cases of fraud are happening. It looks like crooks are pretending to be the sons or grandparents of people who have relatives in the disaster zones, and then they request them to wire money into their bank accounts. 6:19 AM Mar 17th via Saezuri


·  UedaNoriyuki

私たちの絆を、「痛み」や「苦しみ」を支え合うものへと再構成しなけ ればならない。「生老病死」を分かち合う共同体へ。それは一見暗そうに見えるかもしれないが、痛みが受けとめられるとき、私たちは真に自由になれる。うら 寒い「豊かさ」への同調圧力を、今こそ突破するときなのだ。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:54:29 PM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 67 others

We must reconstruct the bonds between us into something that supports the pain and suffering between us. We must become a community that shares in the living, aging, sickening, and dying of its members. It may seem gloomy, but when our pain is acknowledged, we will truly become free. Right now is the time to break through the communal pressure to engage in self-profit and “enrichment”.

·  UedaNoriyuki

人の絆、共同体の変質。大戦後の「苦しみ」「痛み」を分かち合い、何 とか支えあっていこうという人の絆は、利益誘導の共同体に変容する。絆に連なっていれば、補助金にあずかれる、利得が得られる。そしてそれが上手くいって いたがゆえに、逆に私たちの生きる土壌が浸食されていったのだ。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:47:39 PM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 20 others

The bonds between people, the changing nature of communities. Sharing the pain and suffering that followed after the Great War, the human bonds between us that say “I just want to help somehow” are transforming into profit-motivated communities. When these bonds line up, aid-money is taken up. The soil upon which we continue live has eroded away precisely because these profit-communities have worked so well.

·  UedaNoriyuki

そして「豊かさ」への同調圧力。この貧しい村が誘致によって豊かにな るのに、みんな賛成しているのに、なぜお前は反対するのだ。いじめられるのはイヤだ。大勢に従わないと得にはならない。そうした同調圧力を私たちは幼稚園 の時代から私たち自身に、子どもたちにたたき込んできた。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:39:48 PM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 43 others

Not only that, but there’s the communal pressure to give in to the “riches and affluence” provided by reactors. “This opportunity will make this poor village rich again! Everyone’s agreeing…why the hell are you opposing this!?” No one wants to be bullied. “You can’t profit if you don’t obey the masses”. Just like so, this communal pressure is beaten into our very souls as children, even from the time we enter kindergarten.

·  UedaNoriyuki

被爆国で核アレルギーの日本でなぜ原発が林立したのか。それは科学技 術への信頼もあるが、経済格差によるものだ。海沿いの貧しい地域も原発が来れば「豊か」になれる。そして都会の住民も、「あの人達がリスクを取って選んだ ことだから」と、良心の呵責無くエネルギーを使い放題できたのだ。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:13:49 PM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 100+ others

Why on earth did nuclear reactors pop up in Japan, with its “allergy” to nukes after the dropping of the bomb? Surely there’s our trust in scientific technology, but the reactors are also due in part to economic disparity. If a reactor springs up in one of the poor coastal regions along the ocean, that region will become “rich”. Meanwhile, the residents of the metropolises say “those folks knew the risks when they made their choice”, all while using as much energy as they want and not feeling any guilt whatsoever.

·  そう、なぜか地震後、まるでここがラテンアメリカであるかのように、見知らぬご近所と普通に話している俺。RT @zagasaito: 人が多いとこで生き延びるに必要なのは物資の確保でなく、身近な人との信頼関係…カネはなくてできるが、少し勇気がいるかもしれん。でも今ならしやすいよ! Tuesday, March 15, 2011 10:39:32 AM via Saezuri

Really, it’s almost as if this were Latin America—ever since the earthquake, I’ve started talking to people around the neighborhood who’ve I’ve never seen before. RT @zagasaito What’s really necessary to survive in crowded places is not a bunch of material provisions—it’s relationships of trust. You can make it without money, but you’ll need a little bit of courage. That’s not so hard now!

·  岡村さん、ナイス! RT @Bar_Aparecida: 来日中のブラジル在住映像作家、岡村監督より連絡あり、「17日の上映会はカンパ無し、慰問上映会としたい。テレビの震災・原発報道の「過視」で体調を崩した人たちへの慰問、ということで。」だそうです! Tuesday, March 15, 2011 4:00:02 AM via Saezuri

Nice one, Okamura-san! RT @ Bar_Aparecida We got a message from Director Okamura, who’s visiting Japan from Brazil, saying, “I’d like to make the movie viewing on the 17th into a comforting showing instead of a campaign. Something to soothe the people whose spirits and bodies have been crushed by an over-viewing of the reportage on the earthquake and the nuclear reactor disasters.

·  あくまでも参考ですが。東京都日野市で個人が測定している放射線量。機器とかの精度などはよくわかりません。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 2:11:11 AM via Saezuri

This just for reference, but this is a certain individual’s radiation level readings from Hino-shi in Tokyo. I don’t really know how the machine or the concentrations work though.  

· 陳謝、撤回しても、言ったことは消えないし、この人の姿勢と考えは変わらない。いつものことだけどね。どうして三期も知事していたのか、私にはそちらのほうが不思議だ。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 2:01:25 AM via Saezuri

Even with all of these apologies and explanations, the things he’s said don’t disappear and the thinking of that man won’t change. It’s always been like this. The real mystery to me is how this buffoon stayed in office for three terms.

· しつこいが、昨日の石原発言の動画。 もう一つ、発言後の会見。 東京圏で新たな震災があったとき、陣頭指揮に立つべき都知事を、都民は来月、選ぶ。この発言とこの心根を忘れてはならない。個人的には、老化した印象。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:59:12 AM via Saezuri

I’m being persistent here, but this is a video of Ishihara’s comment. . Here’s another Next month, the people of the city will choose the mayor who will head the vanguard once a new earthquake strikes the capital region. We cannot forget the core feeling behind this outburst. Personally, Ishihara’s looking really old these days.

· 買い物に行って、カラの棚を見ても、青ざめたり焦ったりしないことが肝心。我に返れば、日常の買い物に戻れる。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:23:16 AM via Saezuri

It’s essential that we don’t get pale and panic, even when we look at the empty shelves when we go shopping. Once we step back into reality, we’ll be able to shop like we always did.

· 昼時に買い物に出たら、一人暮らしのおじいさんおばあさんがたくさんいて、カラの棚を見て途方に暮れていた。体力や体調的に、買いだめをできない人がいる。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:20:37 AM via Saezuri

When I went shopping around noon, there were loads of old men and old ladies who lived alone and were at their wits end when they saw the empty shelves. Indeed, there are people who just can’t stockpile food due to their energy levels and health conditions.

·カップラーメンの売り切れで、路上生活者が困っていると聞いた。かれらにとって、カップ麺はいわばコメ。主食。高い金を出す必要に迫られ、困窮が進む。 Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:19:10 AM via Saezuri

I heard that street dwellers are in a real bind because of all the Cup Ramen being totally sold out. For them, Cup Ramen is like rice. Their main source of food. Forced to dish out lots of money, their problems will surely only get worse.

·  ま、買いだめ狂騒は1週間もすれば落ち着くでしょう。原発が今以上えらいことにならない限り。 Monday, March 14, 2011 11:47:10 AM via Saezuri

All of this hoarding will probably calm down in about a week. That is, unless the nuclear plants don’t end up giving us any more trouble…

·  スーパーは物がなかったけれど、帰りに通ったケーキ屋には売れ残りがたくさんあった。 Monday, March 14, 2011 10:36:00 AM via Saezuri

There was nothing in the supermarket, but there was a lot of leftovers at the cake-shop I passed by on my way home.

· 何だ、石原都知事、自分の話をしてたのか。「我欲に縛られて政治もポピュリズムでやっている」。四選出馬も我欲に見えるよね。 Monday, March 14, 2011 10:33:18 AM via Saezuri

What? Ishihara was talking about himself? “Even the government has been chained by self-interest and has been carried out through populism”. Running for election 4 times looks like selfishness enough to me.

·  inabatsuyoshi

【拡散願】ホームレス支援全国ネットワーク(60団体・8個人)が東北関東大震災の被災者支援募金を開始しました。現地の団体と協力しながら支援をおこなっていきます。ご協力をお願いいたします。 Monday, March 14, 2011 7:13:30 AM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 40 others

(Wide Distribution) The National Homeless Support Network (60 groups, 8 individuals) have begun a charity drive for the victims of the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake. They are providing aid on the ground in cooperation with local groups. We ask for your assistance. 

· 明日の朝食と昼食の材料を買いに近くのスーパーへ行ったら、入店制限で長蛇の列だった。原発による不安がこれを出現させている。過剰反応ではあるが、責める気にはなれない。 Monday, March 14, 2011 6:09:46 AM via Saezuri

When I went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch, I saw a huge snake of people waiting to enter the store. Fears about the nuclear plants surely must be causing this sort of panic. It may be an overreaction, but I really can’t blame them.

·  本人は失言じゃなく、正論だと思ってるでしょう。RT @KazuTsuruda: @hoshinot 石原さんはひどい!失言とは、心理学者によると、「突然具体化した潜在意識」だそうですが、僕が翻訳すると「うっかり出た本音」です。 Monday, March 14, 2011 6:05:38 AM via Saezuri

I’m sure that man doesn’t think he’s said anything rude—he thinks he’s just spouting the truth. RT@ Kazu_tsuruda @hoshinot Ishihara’s awful! I don’t think this is a rude gaffe. From a psychological perspective, I’m sure they’d call it a case of “suddenly materialized subconscious”. My Translation: his real feelings just slipped out.

·  都知事選で忘れてはいけない発言。RT @asahi_kantei:会談後に「震災への日本国民の対応をどう評価するか」と質問したところ、石原(都知事)さんは「日本人のアイデンティティーは我欲。この津波をうまく利用して我欲を1回洗い落とす必要がある。やっぱり天罰だと思う」と述べました Monday, March 14, 2011 5:59:56 AM via Saezuri 

This is a statement that must not be forgotten in the upcoming Tokyo mayoral election. RT @asahi_kantei. When Mayor Ishihara Shintaro was asked how he evaluated the response of the Japanese citizenry to the earthquake, he replied, “The identity of the Japanese people is selfishness. It is vital that we skillfully use this tsunami to wash away this selfishness. Really, I’m sure that this is divine retribution.”

 ·  1992年にキューバを旅行したときは、石油なし電気なし仕事なしの 中、みんな昼間も夜も自転車をぶんぶん乗り回していた。キューバ人は明るかった。そのぶん、感情の起伏も激しかったけど。言いたいことはあっただろうが、 言っても仕方ないときにはとりあえず楽しんどけ、という感じだった。 Sunday, March 13, 2011 1:32:30 PM via Saezuri

When I was traveling in Cuba in 1992, when there was no gasoline, no power, and no work, everyone would ride their bikes all over the place. Cuba was so bright. Then again, the eruptions of feeling were really intense back then. There were probably so many things that people wanted to say, but in times where there was no helping the situation even if you did complain, it really felt like it was just better to go out and enjoy yourself instead. 

· それでもラテンアメリカのことを思い出す。メキシコでは、理由なし事後説明なしの停電なんて日常茶飯事だったし、シャワーの途中でガスが止まったり断水したりも普通だった。毛布にくるまってロウソクで本を読んだり勉強したりした。今回はロウソクは禁物だけど。 Sunday, March 13, 2011 1:30:49 PM via Saezuri

Still I can’t help but imagine Latin America. In Mexico, there would be sudden power outages without any explanation or reason, and it was normal for both the gas and the water to stop while you were in the shower. I wrapped myself in blankets and read books by candlelight. This time candles are forbidden, though.

·  むろん、想定外の非常事態対応だから、日常的に停電を行っていたラテンアメリカの国々と単純に比べることはできないとはいえ、みんな、東電へは言いたいことがたくさんあるのを今は我慢して、震災対応を優先しているだけだ。 Sunday, March 13, 2011 1:27:05 PM via Saezuri

Of course, as this is a state of emergency far beyond our imagination, we can’t just simply compare our current situation to the daily power outages that occurred in Latin America. That said, for the moment, while I’m sure that many of us have a lot to say to TEPCO, we should prioritize disaster response above everything else.

·  nobuyoyagi

キューバでSpecial Periodoで停電が日常茶飯だった時期も、病院への電力供給が絶たれたことはなかったし、在宅医療の患者も配慮された。今回の東電の輪番停電は発表の方法や告知も含めて常軌を逸している Sunday, March 13, 2011 12:34:45 PM via Echofon Retweeted by hoshinot and 100+ others

Back during the Age of the Special Periodo of Cuba, when power outages were the norm, power was never cut off to the hospitals, and even medical patients in their homes were given special treatment. Everything about TEPCO’s rotation-schedule of planned outages, from the way they went about publicizing and announcing it has just been plain nuts.

·  俺もだよ。みんな、多かれ少なかれPTSDになりかけていると思う。ときどきは無理せず感情を吐きだしたほうが、逆に落ち着いていられる気がする。RT @takuoshibasaki: 休憩代わりにツイッターを見たら、なんだか急に泣けてきた。ここ数日、非常に涙もろい。 Sunday, March 13, 2011 10:13:15 AM via Saezuri

I’m in the same boat. Everyone, more or less, is probably on the verge of PTSD. Sometimes I think just letting all our feelings pour out might be the best way to calm down. RT @takuoshibasaki While reading Twitter instead of taking a break, I suddenly broke down and cried. These last few days I’ve been really prone to tearing up.

· 日本の社会に蔓延していた悪意や無関心が嘘だったかのように、今は善 意と他人へ関わろうという気持ちで満ちている。これがこの社会の本当のポテンシャルなのだと、私は思っている。だから、これから日常に復帰していっても、 この善意と関心を維持できればいい。私たちはもっと強くなれる。 Sunday, March 13, 2011 9:33:21 AM via Saezuri

 Almost as if the ill-will and disinterest that so plagued Japanese society was a total lie, the country is full of good-will and the desire to help others. I think that this is the real potential of this society. I want this good-will and sense of interest in the welfare of others to still be there even if we become able return to our normal every-day lives. We will become that much stronger.

·  himejhoon

mixiで優れたアイディアをいただいたのでご紹介。冷凍庫の隙間 に、ジップロックに水道水を詰めて凍らせておくといいですよ。保冷剤の代わりになりますし、万が一、水道が止まったら、溶けたお水を飲めます、とのこと。 親御さんがマイアミ赴任中、ハリケーンで電気がとまってた時の知恵、とのこと。 Sunday, March 13, 2011 7:20:08 AM via Twittelator Retweeted by hoshinot and 100+ others

I received an amazing idea through mixi, so I’ll introduce it here. Try stuffing up the water-tubing of your freezer with a ziplock so that it freezes. It can be used as a substitute for an ice pack, and on top of that, when the water flow stops you can drink the melted water, apparently. This bit of wisdom came from the experience of some guy’s parents who weathered the hurricane while staying in Miami.

·  HidekiMorihara

総理要請に同行し分かったこと。1)東電の報告が遅い、2)原子力安 全委等が楽観論で判断してきた、3)電気系統不具合により計器の値が的確か不明、4)想定上限超の津波が電源問題の原因、5)格納容器内圧が高く海水注入 困難な状態、6)トラブル状態のすべての炉に海水注入方針(=廃炉覚悟)。 Sunday, March 13, 2011 8:14:27 AM via web Retweeted by hoshinot and 100+ others

This is what I learned from going along with the Prime Minister’s demands. 1) TEPCO’s reports were late. 2) The Atomic Safety Commission has judged things with an optimistic view. 3) It is unknown whether instrumental readings are accurate as a result of power system failures. 5) The pressure inside the containment vessel is high and thus it’s difficult for sea water to be injected. 6) All troubled reactors will be filled with sea water (with an understanding that the reactor will be destroyed)

·  kunyef  

「日本人」が素晴らしい人種じゃなくて、「日本」が素晴らしい国って言って欲しいな。私みたいに、日本の国民性を持った外国人は沢山日本に居るよ、みんなが思っている以上に。少なからず「日本人で良かった」って言葉に傷つく人がいることを忘れないであげて。 Saturday, March 12, 2011 8:06:08 PM via Keitai Web

It’s not that the Japanese people are a wonderful race—I’d rather have people say that Japan is a wonderful country. This is especially when I consider that many foreigners in Japan like myself have a sense of Japanese national character. At the very least I’d like people to not forget that words like “I’m so glad that we’re Japanese” can hurt some people.


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