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Adrienne Hurley

February 21, 2011

Along with Natalia Evdokimova, Adrienne Hurley organized this class.  She is an assistant professor in East Asian Studies and Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University.  She is also the English translator of Hoshino Tomoyuki’s novel Lonely Hearts Killer (PM Press, 2009). Her book Revolutionary Suicide and Other Desperate Measures:  Narratives of Youth and Violence in Japan and the United States is forthcoming from Duke University Press in August, 2011.  In addition to studying literature written in Japanese, she has been involved with a variety of youth activist and advocacy movements and efforts for nearly two decades.

Sophie Laurier, an undergraduate student majoring in East Asian Studies with a minor concentration in Italian Studies at McGill University, brings skills culled from the world of professional wrestling to her interview with Prof. Hurley.  Sophie’s questions are reminiscent of The Clinical Diary of Sandor Ferenczi, in which Ferenczi takes issue with his teacher’s authority.  His teacher happened to be Freud, and among the criticisms Ferenczi makes is the observation that Freud acted as though he was “the only one who does not have to be analyzed.”  Sophie makes sure that her teacher is not off-limits or the only one who can’t be interviewed, and she asserts a grievance or disagreement with her teacher related to how we should deal with adults who harm children.

The edited version of the podcast is 50 minutes long and can be downloaded here. The unedited version comes in two parts. The first part can be accessed here, while the second part can be downloaded here.

If you would like to stream the podcast, you can press on the arrow below.″

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