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kai_sendai Tweets

Zoe Brewster translated selected post 3/11 tweets from kai_sendai, a media and arts activist. The abbreviation “smt” refers to the Sendai Mediatheque.  

April 9, 2011

@seonatsumi 信頼できて手伝ってくれそうな大人はいる?

—@seonatsumi: Is there any adult that’s trustworthy and could help out?

@ujimari_0705 このurlを入力すればいい。

—@ujimari_0705: Just type in this URL.

@ujimari_0705 話ズレてる。貼り付けたニュースちゃんと読んで。

—@ujimari_0705: The conversation is sidetracked. Please read the link that I posted carefully.


—How can voices from Japan be heard?

April 8, 2011

@nposchool @resigner あー、ごくろうさまですー。道中、くれぐれも気をつけて。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—@nposchool @resigner: Oh I appreciate your efforts. Please be careful on the road. 

@YuuT223 うんうん。うすくともつながろう。

—@YuuT223. Yup, even if it’s weak let’s stay linked.

@YuuT223 束ねることのできる力が、ひとつだとまたなんか恐いような。いま分散してても、本来の報道ならその全体像で表現するはず。それをしない日本の報道が問題かも。論点を細部の差異に持ち込むような。まあひとまず今後の連携に期待したいな。あぁ、仙台終わり次第、そういうのしたいー。

—There’s something scary about the power unification has to get things done, and there’s something scary too about being one.  You’d think since we’re all dispersed now, authentic media would be representing that big picture. The fact that Japanese media don’t report the real news like that is a problem. It’s as if they’re mired in the details as if they were the story. Well, for now I look forward to the upcoming demonstration. Ah, for as long as Sendai lasts, I want to keep doing things like that.

@YuuT223 多様性があって良いという考え方も。

—@YuuT223: There is also thinking of it as having variety as a good thing [in response to the demonstration that is suspected to happen worldwide against nuclear power plants]

April 7, 2011

昨夜の余震のせいか、またガソリンスタンドに列ができた。あともどり。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Perhaps it’s because of last night’s aftershock, but there’s yet again a line-up at the gas station. Backtrack.


#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Afterwards, the aftershocks are still active, but the morning was no different from any other day. I boiled water on the stove to brew some coffee, and read the Kahoku news that came in today, and some news on the Internet. The sound of a helicopter resonates. I’m about to leave my house. I want to see the state of the town.

@komoriharuka 停電中は地面の亀裂や落下物がわからないから、あまり走らない方がいい。控えめに。

—@komoriharuka: During blackouts it’s hard to tell for cracks in the ground or for falling objects, so it’s best not to run around too much. Keep it in moderation.


#sendai#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Everyone, thank you for all your information on Onagawa. I’m glad.

市役所。このあたりは停電。でも庁舎は自家発電。ラジオでは大きな被害はなさそう。女川がちとやばいのか?わからない。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Municipal office. This area is undergoing power outage, but the government office building runs on its own generated power. According to the radio there isn’t any serious damage. Is Onagawa in danger? I’m not sure.


#sendai#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—There were no damages or any glass broken.

市内中心部の一部停電とのこと。とりあえずメディアテークに向かうことに。ガラス割れてませんように。 #sendai#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—It appears that part of the city centre is undergoing a blackout. I’m going to head to the Mediatheque for now. I hope that there aren’t any broken glasses.

もうメール復活。家に帰りますー。 #sendai #sendai_restoration#smt_again

—Texts are working now, so I am going home~!

メール、電話ともに無理みたい。でも、僕はピンピンしてます。スタッフと打ち合わせしつつ飲んでいて揺れた。彼は奥さんこどものところへ。僕は家に…帰ろうかどうか迷ってしまうなぁ。うーん。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Both texts and phones don’t seem to be working. But I’m getting fidgety. I was at a business meeting with another staff member when the aftershock hit. He went to his wife and kids…but I can’t make up my mind whether I should go home or not…hm…

かなり大きな余震。でも、中心街はだいじょうぶな感じ。#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—There was a pretty big aftershock, but the central district seems to be okay.

April 6, 2011



—Sendai Mediatheque, Media Centre restoration archive continues. The city has given us permission for the work, except it’ll still be some time before buildings can be used. The car will arrive promptly on the 9th and the donation counter will be ready shortly as well. Today will be the first meeting with local dispatchers.

@komoriharuka @seonatsumi 東京から芸大院生2人が現場を見ながら北上しているという情報。おつかれさまです。メディアテークよってください。道中、気をつけて。#sendai#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—@komoriharuka @seonatsumi: There’s been information about 2 fine arts grad students coming from Tokyo to check out the scene. It is much appreciated. Please do stop by the Mediatheque. Be careful along the way. 

April 5, 2011

メディアセンター活動者のための宿泊用の家の件。いろいろ反応が出てきた。もう少しな感じ。あと、仙台中心部のガソリン騒動は、落ち着いてきたみたい。もう並んでないし、走ってる台数もずいぶん増えたような。 Also, I want to listen

#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—In regards to the lodge house for all Media Centre activists; a lot of responses have been received.  I feel it’ll be just a little more. Also, the trouble for gas seems to be calming down. There are no more line-ups, and the number of cars on the roads has grown considerably.

April 4, 2011

ガスはどうもかなり時間かかる様子。 #sendai #sendai_restoration#smt_again

—It seems as though that gas will take quite a fair bit of time.

京都のみなさん、車ありがとう。9日楽しみにしています。ガソリンは大丈夫。あと、メディアテークからそう遠くないところに家を1軒、欲しい。メディアセンターの宿泊所。 どなたか貸してくれませんか?#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—To everyone in Kyoto, thank you for the car. I am looking forward to the 9th. We’re okay with gas. Also, I am looking for a house that’s not too far from the Mediatheque, so we can use it as a lodging house for the media centre. Is there anyone who would rent one out for us?

March 31, 2011

@iwaukoM ありがとうございます。そうなんです。赤十字や仙台市への義援金などはsmtにはつながりません。いま多方面から支援の声をいただいていてなんらか別の窓口を模索してはいます。急ぎます。感謝。

#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—@iwaukoM: Thank you very much. That is right. The smt is not connected to the Red Cross or the Sendai city donations. People have been voicing their support from a variety of different places, and we have some sort of counter to grope for a solution.

March 30, 2011

以下、更新の上再送:仙台のみなさん。何が必要?いまと少し先と。まだみんなそわそわ。でも中心部に物資もガスもまもなく。海側はまだまだ。それ見据えつつバラバラなアイデア募集。ひとまず、ここに貯めておきたい 。#sendai #sendai_restoration#smt_again

—The following is the most recent retransmission: To everyone in Sendai. What do you need, for now and for later on? Everyone is still restless. The central part of the city has no commodities or gas. The seaside still needs much more.  Looking into all of this, we are accepting a trickling of ideas. For the time being I want to save it here.

あと、わがままや贅沢いう気はなく、情報収集用にバイクがあればさらにうれしい。125〜250ccがベスト。格安であれば個人的に買います。ただしちゃんと走る、ダート、オフロード系に限る。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Also, without any sense of selfishness or extravagance, it would be grateful to have a motorcycle for gathering information. 125-250cc is perfect. If it’s reasonably priced then I will buy it personally. However it must run properly and be restricted to dirt and off-road conditions. 

個人的には、・被災したアーティストの支援 ・「つくる」ということについて阻害された人々への物資支援、機会提供 ・ゼロ値に戻るための鑑賞機会の提供…かと。ちなみに優先順位同列。いずれにせよ2次的なもの。

#sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai

—Personally, concerning what artists who have fallen victim to the disaster are advocating, the idea is “to create” support; providing material support, offering opportunities, and to return to zero costs by offering a chance for those who have been inflicted. By the way it’s ranked in order of priority. In any event it’s a secondary thing.

いろいろアートの分野も全国で動いてる。どくどく、じりじり。さて、どこに成果があるのだろう。 #sendai #smt_again#sendai_restoration

—There are many fields of art happening worldwide. Gushingly, as well as little-by-little. Now I wonder where any results have been made. 

@HONDA_Nobuhiko ありがとうございます。いまひとまず、1台長期提供を受けましたので、保留させてください。また必要になればご連絡します。 

#sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai

—@HONDA_Nobuhiko: Thank you very much. Fortunately we have received a long-term offer for a car, so we would appreciate it if you could hold your offer for the time being. We will contact you if we need more.


March 29, 2011

メセナ協議会による「東北関東大震災 芸術・文化による復興支援ファンド」が立ち上がりました。 #sendai#sendai_restoration #smt_again

— The “Northeast Japan Earthquake Restoration Fund” is now up and running in accordance with the Mecenat Convention.

@nposchool @kncfukao 感謝! #sendai #sendai_restoration#smt_again

—@nposchool @kncfukao: Many thanks!

@kncfukao すごい…ありがたい。ガソリンはきっとおいおい確保できるようになると思い、荷物入れられるワンボックス?ライトバン?走りさえすればいい。あ、4躯がベストかも、ジムニー?ま極力安いもの! #smt_again #sendai_restoration #sendai

—@kncfukao: Wow, that is very much appreciated. I think we will gradually be able to handle the gasoline. Something that can fit a lot of luggage? A light van? As long as it runs, that’s fine. Oh, perhaps a 4 wheel drive would be the best, like a Jimny? Well possibly something that’s cheap!

@kncfukao く、くるまを?!

—@kncfukao: [you’d donate] a c-c-car?!

@uakira2 そうですね。あたってみます。ありがとう。

—@uakira2. It seems so. I’ll give it a shot, thank you.

@m1658m ですよね。ありがとうございます。他府県で買ってくるか、借りるかですね。#sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai

—@m1658m: Yes definitely, thank you very much. It seems like we’d either have to buy a car from another prefecture, or rent one.


—hm…but is it possible to buy a car in this current state of Sendai?

復興メディアセンターに車が欲しい。ただ財団所有は困難。そこでいまこの動きに賛同してくださる方々からの寄付の話があるので別途調達したい。誰か会をつくり、口座を確保、その代表名義となる人募集。僕じゃ不健全。知人限定です。#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—I want a new car for the renovated media centre, however it is difficult to find the foundation.  So there have been talks about donations from people who support this movement, and I would like to raise it in some other way. If there is anyone who would be interested in creating a group and maintaining an account, we are currently accepting applicants. However this position is limited to friends or acquaintances only. 


March 28, 2011

@hamemen @neco_sukesan @okanahatukak @yasua320 ありがとうございます。「メディア」はいろいろ働きがある。遠くへ伝えるもの、近くに伝えるもの、残すもの。それらのセンター。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again.

—@hamemen @neco_sukesan @okanahatukak @yasua320: Thank you very much. “The media” has many functions; to communicate at distance, to communicate close by, and to leave things behind.

@yukky_0ape ああ。ぜひぜひ寄ってください。お会いしたいです。 #sendai_restoration#smt_again #sendai

—Certainly, please do visit us. I’d love to meet with you.

サイトが再開しました。 #sendai_restoration#smt_again #sendai

—The website is back up.

@mecenat_jp @YuuT223 @macaroon921 大変な調整と作業。どうもありがとうございました!#sendai_restoration#smt_again in reply to mecenat_jp

—@mecenat_jp @YuuT223 @macaroon921: What a immense work and adjustment. Thank you so much!

March 27, 2011

@com4jai 昨日は中途でごめんなさい。あの後、仕事になりました。  in reply to com4jai

—come4jai: Sorry for having to end things midway through. I had to work afterwards.

@smilingcloud 同意。- in reply to smilingcloud


地方自治を「行政」と考えあちら側とし、対立項でとらえるか、「パブリックの領域」と考え、踏み込み、自身の側に引き寄せるかは、あなた次第。政党政治ではなく小さな政治の話。すみません。ぼんやりとしたコメント。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—To consider local government as a “political administration”, or to think of it as a “public domain”, it is up to you decide which side you take. It’s not about political parties, but about small ones. I apologize for this vague comment.

March 26, 2011

@BlessMoment 待ってます! in reply to BlessMoment

—@BlessMoment: I’ll be waiting!

March 25, 2011

@ohaz ありがとうございます。いま寄付窓口を用意する方向ですが、でかい組織は時間がかかる。くやしい。あ、ぼくが、横に口座をひとつ持つべき?…ん? #sendai #sendai_restoration#smt_again – in reply to ohaz

—@ohaz: Thank you very much. We are currently in the workings of preparing a donation window, but it will take a long time to set up a large organization. It’s really disappointing. Oh, am I ought to have an account on the side?

@number1419 滝口さんありがとう! – in reply to number1419

—@number1419: Thank you Takiguchi san!

@hamemen @BlessMoment お願い。手伝って!- in reply to hamemen

@hamemen @BlessMoment: Please help!

RT ac_katsura 「原爆を視る」という視座が失われたことは美術が「戦後」と向き合うことを失ったこと。つまり「現代」に対して日本の美術は何も向き合っていないことを宣言してしまったようなものだ。

—RT ac_katsura: To lose sight of the “Atomic bomb” issue, is to say that the lessons of “post-war” have been lost. Essentially, this shows that Japan in the “modern era” hasn’t dealt with anything from its past.

@oogamix 凄い!ありがとうございます!でもいまはまだ大丈夫です!- in reply to oogamix

—@oogamix: Wow! Thank you so much! But we are fine at the moment!

で、あらためて。ボランティア参加したい人々へ。どうしても準備に時間がかかる。ごめんなさい。4月の中ごろには募集できるかも。お願い、あきらめずにもう少し待って。みんなの保険も準備したいし、いろいろ調整中。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Once again, to those who are interested in volunteering. No matter what, it’s going to take time to get this all sorted out. I’m really sorry about this. Hopefully we can start taking applications sometime mid-April. I plead you to hang on and not give up. I also want to get everyone’s insurance ready, and a lot is being arranged right now.

イメージ4)粗い全体像:映像、ラジオ、テキストなどの取材基地。それらの番組、素材などをすべてアーカイブ。取材班の他、記者会見ブース、情報集約班、全体マネジメント等のお世話人員がたくさん必要となる。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Overall rough image: Basis on visual images, radio, text, and other content. All their programs, raw materials and such must be archived. It will require help from the entire management including the data collecting group, press conference booth, and information gathering group.

イメージ3)映像班:取材と編集に分担あるいは1チームで活動。情報集約班から得た情報を共有の後、取材対象選択、取材。独自配信(dokujihaishinn)もちろん可。ただし素材含めすべてアーカイブに寄贈が、センターの参加ルール。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Visual imaging group: For collecting data and editing, the work can either be split up or done together as one team. Upon sharing information with the Information collecting group, select which content should be targeted towards covering, then collect the data. Independent distribution is of course permitted. However, the rule for working with the media centre is that everything including the raw materials must be contributed towards archiving.

イメージ2)情報集約班:各地の支援活動状況についての情報はすでにNPOセンターなどにある。その情報とメディアセンター内の映像やラジオ等の取材班をつなぎ取材対象の決定を促す。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Image 2) Information gatheirng group: For every location, there is already information about their corresponding situation on active support at places like the NPO centre.

ここでわかりにくいだろうから、メディアセンターの動きのイメージ。1)プレス会見ブース:支援活動を行うさまざまなNPO、NGO等がより広く伝えたいことをマスメディア他に伝えるための記者会見の場。これ大事。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—This might be difficult to understand, so here are the images about how the media centre will work. Image 1) Press conference booth: In order to further reach out the message about what activities are run by various NPO’s and NGO’s, it is important to establish a venue for a press conference to be held so that they can tell about their work to the mass media. 

あと、稼働に向けて数名のアドバイスを受けながら、徐々に展開して行きます。機材の件はまだ保留。やはり現場のニーズにあった物が必要なので方向性定まり次第、確保に動く。待って。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Also, as we work towards this operation by taking advice from several people, it will gradually come to develop. In terms of the machinery the case is still pending. As soon as the course of direction is decided, we’ll work towards ensuring the needs of the people at the site. Please wait.

NPOによる支援情報流入のネットワーク、現地のメディアセンターのニーズ、エキスパートの参画、館内の運用や暫定レイアウトなどなどリサーチし、ひとまずそれぞれメドできてきました。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—According to the NPO network on information about aid, the needs of the local media centre, the planning by experts, and research on applications for the interior of the building or the provisional layout have been completed for the time being.

すみません。このところあたまと気持ちがいっぱいでついーとできませんでした。再開します。機材の件ほか、みなさんありがとうございました。その件後ほど整理します。まずは現状報告。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—I apologize. Lately my thoughts and feelings have been full and I didn’t get to finish it. But it will be reopened. Thank you so much to everyone about the machinery and such. I will handle the cases in due course. Firstly the status report.


March 23, 2011

んー、さらには現金集める方法はないものか。県外からの参加者には宿がかかせない。んー。 #sendai#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Hm…Is there any other way to raise more money? It’s vital that people from outside the prefecture have a place to stay while they participate. Hm…

@torao2008 しらなかった!ありがとう。あとはハードか。#sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai in reply to torao2008

—@torao2008: I didn’t know that! Thank you. I guess what’s left is the hardware.

補足:出来る限りHDVでの撮影、編集環境を望んでいます。あと、マイクが重要。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai

—I wish to film and edit in HDV as much as possible. A microphone is essential too.

各メーカー企業のみなさま。メディアセンター創設にあたり、マシン、編集アプリ、ビデオカメラ、デジタルカメラ、マイクなどの提供って無理なものなのでしょうか? #sendai_restoration#smt_again #sendai

—To all manufacturing enterprises. Do you think it is unfeasible for the media centre to offer things like machines, editing applications, video cameras, digital cameras, microphones and such?

@iwaukoM ありがとうございます。いま、ビデオカメラはいいです。というか、そのように2日間だけでも関われるような体制づくりにいま、奔走しています。んー、くやしいけどもうちょっと待って。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai in reply to iwaukoM

—@iwaukoM: Thank you very much. For now we don’t need a video camera. Actually, we’re currently making efforts to organize something that people can be involved in even if its just for two days like that. I know its regrettable but just wait.

March 22, 2011

@com4jai @mediapicnic 時間決まればここに告知ください。よろしくです。 via web in reply to com4jai

—@com4jai @mediapicnic: Please let us know when the time is confirmed. Thanks.

@com4jai @mediapicnic あ、それ大事。いつ、どこでしたっけ? via webin reply to com4jai

—@com4jai @mediapicnic: Oh, that is very important, When and where is the live again?

@com4jai @mediapicnic jaiさん。もちろんお願いしたいです。これも、あれも(笑)via web in reply to com4jai

—@com4jai @mediapicnic: Jai, of course I’d appreciate your help with this and that.

ちなみに。翻訳可能な方。自宅でも出来ます。英語、仏語、独語、伊語、西語、葡語などの欧米語のみならず、中(簡体、繁体)、韓国語、タガログ語、タイ語、マレー語etcあらゆる言語出来る方、追って告知します。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

By the way, for those who can translate, you can even do it from home. Not just European languages such as English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, but even Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Malaysian etc. We are looking for anyone who knows any language possible.

@jatani 中高生大歓迎!そのこともすでに学校の先生と話題に。 #sendai#sendai_restoration#smt_again via web in reply to jatani

—@jatani: We greatly welcome teenagers! The topic has already been discussed with the school teachers.

@kerojet 酷いとは? via web in reply to kerojet

—@kerojet: Awful as in what?

@daccha7 ぜひぜひ。関わってほしいです。よろしくお願いします。via web in reply to daccha7

—@daccha7: By all means, I would love for your involvement. I look forward to working with you.

動きは実務的、実質的でなければならない。これがモットー。みなさん、アクセスお願いします。#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—The work has to be practical and substantial. This is the motto. Everyone, I ask you for your contact.

@YuuT223 がんばります。ちゅうか、市あげていまがんばってくれている。実現したい。必要なのは、実働者。つまり…アクティビスト。#sendai #smt_again via web in reply to YuuT223

—@YuuT223 I’ll do my best. In fact, everyone in the town is working hard. I want it to accomplish, but we need people to be involved. Basically, we need activists.

@mecenat_jp @macaroon921 @YuuT223 ありがとう!via web in reply to mecenat_jp

—@mecenat_jp @macaroon921 @YuuT223: Thank you!

@ac_katsura お願いします。in reply to ac_katsura via web

—@ac_katsura: Please. [In reply to his offer on printing the report]

その報告書見たい!“@mecenat_jp: @kai_sendai @YuuT223 メセ協も関わった「阪神・淡路大震災芸術文化被害状況調査報告書」(95.8)→国立国際、民博、出光、逸翁、芦屋市美、エンバ、伊丹市美、神戸市博、竹中大工道具、香雪美、白鶴美、兵庫近美、黒川古文…

—I want to see that report! “@mecenat_jp: @kai_sendai @YuuT223 The Mecenat is now involved ‘Report on the Great Hanshin Earthquake Cultural Art Situation’ (95.8) → National Museum of Art, National Museum of Ethnology, Idemitsu Kosan, Itsuo Art Museum, Emba Museum, Itami Museum of Art, Kobe City Museum, Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, Kosetsu Museum of Art, Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kurokawa Institute of Ancient Cultures…”

“@mueym: @kai_sendai 今カメラ無いってこと?私こっちで手に入れて寄付できるよ。”ちょっと待って。受け口用意するから。

— “@mueym: @kai_sendai So you mean you don’t have a camera? I can get one from here and give you one.” Just hang on, cuz I’ll get the reception set up.

追って関わる窓口を用意するから、待って。とにかく技術を持っている人、技術ないけど克服できる自信のある人、話し合いでものごとを進められる人を求む。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again#sendai

—I will set up contact information in due course, so please wait. In any case, I am looking for people – whether it’s someone with skills, someone without skills but has confidence in conquering, or even just someone who is willing to discuss with – in order to move forward in this.

デジタルビデオカメラが欲しい。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—I want a digital video camera. #sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai

せんだいメディアテーク。市民によるメディアセンターを立ち上げる。記者会見ブース、映像ブース、ラジオブース、テクストブース、翻訳ブース…etc。そしてすべてを復興アーカイブにする。関わりたい人準備を。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Sendai Mediatheque. A media centre will be built for the townspeople. A press conference booth, visual booth, radio booth, text booth, translation booth…etc. And everything will be recreated into an archive. For those who wish to take part, get ready. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

March 21, 2011

@koshoan @YuuT223 ありがとうございます。参考になります。 via webin reply to koshoan

—@koshoan @YuuT223: Thank you very much, this will come in handy.[]

March 19th,  2011


—There have been intermittent conversations coming from the staff members about whether any programs can be initiated. This is good. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@rancyu61, @stemotoki: どうぞ。

—@rancyu61, @stemotoki: Here you are #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

March 18th, 2011

@silent_passion: すみません。わーわーと。でも、TVからの情報に、東京の人たちも多いに苦しんでる。しかも、中身の差のない数局の報道に。リアリティ無いのに、東京の人たち情報に翻弄され苦しんでる。いや「ねつ造されたリアリティ」という方がいい?もうやめますおやすみなさい。

—@silent_passion: Sorry for being so chattery. However, information on the TV is problematic for people in Tokyo as well. Plus, there are no differences in content between the different stations. Even though they aren’t portraying reality, people in Tokyo are being swayed by the news from what they show. Perhaps it is better to call it a “fabricated reality”. I’ll stop now, have a good night.

@silent_passion: 報道のリテラシーが必要です.装備を。

—-@silent_passion: Media literacy is required. Be prepared.

@silent_passion: さらにいうと、あれでスポンサーから資金得てる放送局およびプロデューサーに問題あると思いませんか?その人の年収1500万超ですよ?それで本当にいいの?そういう情報経路って信用できますか?

—@silent_passion: Furthermore, don’t you think there is a problem with the producers receiving funds from sponsors for the broadcasting company? They get more than their annual income of 15 million. Is this really the right thing? Can we trust their information seeing that it comes from such a route? 

@silent_passion: 医療は不十分。それは正しい。でも、たとえば原発のけん。あの専門用語聞いて、それでいいのですか?

—@silent_passion: That is correct, there is not enough medical care. But with the issue about the nuclear plants for instance, do you think it’s alright just to listen to those professional terminologies?


—For those who live in the city, please only listen to less than half of the information on the TV. Collectively, the TV directors or producers from different stations, at best, only make up a few hundred people. And these people make programs by trying to impress others. This is ignorance. Hold onto yourself!


—Oh, by the way, articles about the Sendai Mediatheque are all speculative at the moment, since we are not accepting any questions or comments from the press. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@daccha7: 大賛成です。その方向ともに探りたいです。今度相談に行きます。いつも来ていただいてばっかりですし。

—@daccha7: I completely agree. I want to investigate towards that direction. Next time I will go over to your place to discuss, since you always kindly come over to ours. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again


—Great sense. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@YuuT223: 神戸アートビレッジセンターや兵庫県立美術館などは「復興のシンボル」的な開館でした。なので、当時あった館がどのようにアクションしたかを知りたいですね、行政施設として。あはは、片付け!

—@YuuT223: Places like the Kobe Art Village Center or Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art symbolize “revival-like” halls. Therefore, it would be great to know how the museums took action at the time [during the Great Hanshin Earthquake], as an administrative facility. Ahaha, clean up! #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@YuuT223: 具体的には、芦屋市立美術博物館、伊丹市立美術館、西宮市大谷記念美術館とかかしら。ほかにも。

—@YuuT223: Ashiya City Museum of Art and History, Itami City Museum of Art, Nishinomiya City Otani Memorial Art Museum Museum perhaps? There are others. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

RT YuuT223: @kai_sendai いま思いついたのは、阪神淡路大震災時に被災地の各美術館が行った取り組みについて、情報を収集したい。何か知っている方情報ください。

—RT YuuT223: @kai_sendai, I just thought about this now, but I want to know how the museums that suffered the Great Hanshin Earthquake carried out their efforts. If anyone knows any information about this, please let me know.

@ac_katsura: とりあえず、現在取材はお断りしています。あ、ぼく流し過ぎですね。これ、書かれるのかしら?記者のみなさんへ>ここでの話すべて、位置スタッフの私見です。公式見解では全くありません。書きたいときは正規のルートたどってくださいね。どうぞよろしくお願いします。

—@ac_katsura: For the time being, I am declining all questions being asked for reporting. Hm, I am saying too much here aren’t I? I wonder if this will be referenced. A message to the press> everything said here reflects the views of the entire Sendai Mediatheque staff. It is not an official statement. When referencing, we ask you to please do so in an appropriate manner.

@ac_katsura: いやいや、ありがたいんです。感謝しています。がんがんくちはさんでください!本当にお願いします。いろいろ意見し、議論しながら進めたい。みなさんもぜひ。

—@ac_katsura: No no, anything that can be done to help is much appreciated. I am very grateful, and I urge you to continue to interject. I want to make progress using different ideas, views, and opinions, and I encourage everyone to do so too. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

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