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Streaming & iTunes

February 24, 2011


The streaming option is currently down for the next couple of days. is not being conducive to our needs, and thus refuses to find the file. So, there are two options as of right now.

1.) Waiting… If you don’t want to download it, just wait out a couple of days.

2.) Downloading… If you’re really KEEN on listening to it, please download it.

I will update in the next couple of days.

Also – the trouble with iTunes needs to be addressed. Every time I post a file, the RSS feed (located to the right of this post – it’s an orange-looking button) updates itself. Sometimes, it updates itself in the wrong way, and as a result, the iTunes podcast picks up the wrong .mp3 file. When this happens, say for Norma Field, you’re listening to the Japanese version of The Internationale instead of the latest edited version of the podcast. I’m trying my best to change the situation… Please give me a couple of days to figure this out.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!

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