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Brief Report on Teach-in #3 + Next Week’s Film Screening

March 25, 2011

Today’s teach-in was held from 1-5pm.  Many thanks to everyone who came!  And many thanks also to the good people at QPIRG McGill who provided us with a nice space where we could continue our conversations.

We will be screening the 2004 documentary film Hibakusha at the End of the World by Hitomi Kamanaka next Monday, March 28th on the campus of McGill University in Leacock Hall, Room 26 at 6pm.  

We will have a discussion following the film and will need to leave the room by 9:30pm.

 The film is 116 minutes.  Everyone is welcome. 

You can learn more about the director and the film via the following links:

Yamagata International Doc. Film Festival Page

Film description

Rokkasho, Minamata, and Japan’s Future

Anti-Nuke “Who’s Who” on Hitomi Kamanaka

The suggestion of a dance party in lieu of a teach-in for next weekend (April 1?) was warmly received at today’s teach-in.  We will keep you posted as plans develop.

We also have a teach-in planned for April 7 from 1-5pm.  Location and other details TBA.

Project east306 began exactly one week ago.  In that time, we have already translated quite a bit.  Here’s a recap so far:

Brent Lue is translating tweets by Tomoyuki Hoshino!

Brian Bergstrom translated not just one, but two posts from the illcommonz blog!

Julie Blandeau translated a Twitlonger by Sarasa Ono!

Fu Meng and Matthew Young translated “The Origin of Panic”!

Zoe Brewster is translating tweets by kai_sendai (here and here)!

Vinci Ting is translating Hitomi Kamanaka’s tweets!

Alexandre Scarfone translated a post from the illcommonz blog!

Lisa Tang a traduit en français un blog de illcommonz!

Thanks to these translators and all the others who are working on more!  Feel free to share, mirror, repost, and use these translations as you like.

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