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Documentary “friends after 3.11”

October 15, 2011

The documentary titled “friends after 3.11” was recently boradcasted in Japan. The director Shunji Iwai is from Sendai (Tohoku region). He interviewed people who are involved in anti-nuclear movements.

The movies may be deleted due to copyright issue in the near future.

For advertisement:

Hiroyuki Koide:


Kokoro Fujinami, Masashi Goto, Hitomi Kamanaka, Yu Tanaka, Taro Yamamoto:


Yasumi Iwakami, Tsuyoshi Yoshihara, Kokoro Fujinami, Yasuhiro Shimizu, Taro Yamamoto, タン・チュイムイ:


Takashi Uesugi:


Tetsuya Iida, Tsuyoshi Yoshihara, タン・チュイムイ:


Kunihiko Takeda:

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