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9.11 Shinjuku De-Nuke Demo and Updates

September 9, 2011

Please click here to check out the site for the September 11th demo in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  This is the 5th action/sound demo organized by Shiroto no Ran.

Please send your solidarity message to: 911shinjuku[at]

After a move across Turtle Island, our intrepid podcast producer is back at work, and we look forward to sharing the remaining podcasts from last spring very soon.  Please stay tuned.

We also have a number of translations that we’ll post asap, including another translation of one of Tomoyuki Hoshino’s blog posts by Francis Guérin!

A number of Project east306’ers are working on very large projects at this time.  One, which we’ve already announced, is nearing completion.  Daigo Shima has translated the film END:CIV into Japanese, and this film will be screened in Japan in October!!  Thanks so much, Daigo, for this major contribution!!  Along with Daigo, Yasuo Akai has translated information about the film, the director, and those interviewed in the film into Japanese.  You can see their efforts, along with those of the good people behind the tour, by clicking here.  The tour schedule is posted here.  Many thanks to Daigo, Yasuo, Irregular Rhythm Asylum, art space tetra, Cafe Lavanderia, Kisscafe, remo, and, of course, Franklin López!

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