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August 11, 2011

We have made fewer posts to this blog recently because many of us are working on larger translation projects that take more time, but we are still here.  We are very happy to announce the following example of a substantive translation effort from one of our contributors that is nearing completion.

Franklin López

Daigo Shima is translating the film END:CIV by Franklin López into Japanese.  Many of you may be familiar with and Franklin López’s loyally followed internet show “It’s the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine.

Thanks to Daigo’s hard work, the Japanese subtitled version of END:CIV will be screened when the director travels to Japan in October.  Daigo also translated information about the film and the director that already appears on the new blog designed by the folks who are organizing the screenings of the film in Japan.

Some of us had the opportunity to hear Waziyatawin speak at the Critical Ethnic Studies and the Future of Genocide conference that took place March 10-12.  In fact, many of us started learning about what was happening in Japan after hearing her talk about “collapse.”  She is featured in END:CIV, along with a number of others such as Peter Gelderloos, Gord Hill, Dru Oja Jay, and Shannon Walsh.  You can listen to Jodi Kim and Dylan Rodriguez discuss the Critical Ethnic Studies conference in east306 interviews produced earlier this year by clicking here and here(We still have some completed interviews we’re waiting to have edited for posting, including interviews with Brian Bergstrom, Victor Fan, Sabu Kohso, and Yolanda Muñoz.)

The first screening of END:CIV in Japan is scheduled for October 2 at Café Lavanderia in Tokyo starting at 7pm!

Thank you, Daigo!!!

And thanks to Irregular Rhythm Asylum and Café Lavanderia!


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