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6.11 No Nuke Matsuri in Mount Royal Park!

June 1, 2011

After a long Montréal winter, everyone is anxious to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and warmth.  We want to have fun outside too.  Now more than ever, we know we can’t take our ability to do so for granted.  Many people in Fukushima and elsewhere in Japan are understandably worried about children playing outside. We know what is happening in Japan has and will continue to have effects at local and global levels.  We also know the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant 400 km to the south and the Gentilly Nuclear Generating Station 100 km to the northeast (on a fault line) threaten our collective survival too.  We love breathing and playing outdoors more than electricity or the “conveniences” to which we’ve been taught to feel entitled.  We have no need for nukes.  If you feel the same way, we hope you’ll join us.

Our kid-friendly No Nuke Matsuri will take place on the eastern slope of the park by the gazebo a bit up (north) from the corner of Pine and Park and south of the big statue from 1-5 pm on June 11. 

We’ll have lots of serious information to share, as well as some De-Nuke art on display.  Although our purpose is serious, we want to create a kid-friendly Matsuri-style environment with games and music to remind ourselves how much fun we can have outside and without electricity.  We want everyone to be able to have fun outside.  We don’t want children to be covered in long sleeves or masks even on hot days because we are afraid of what radiation will do to their growing bodies.  We want them to be able to play safely outdoors without the fear of internal radiation exposure.

Everyone everywhere should be able to play freely outside.

If you feel the same way, come to the No Nuke Matsuri!

Please feel free to bring food and musical instruments if you have them (or simply a bucket and a stick – or whatever else you’d like to use to make music).

We’ll hold some meetings to make art and information next week and will announce those meetings times on this blog.

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  1. Priss permalink
    June 8, 2011 4:30 pm

    Ahh I wish I could come, but I’ll be in Ontario then.. Good luck everyone! and have fun 🙂


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