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“List of Human Rights Violations (part 2)”

May 20, 2011

Many thanks to Kota Inoue for the following lightning-speed translation of this post on the Rescue Committee’s website.  Thanks to Kota, we are now caught up on all the posts thus far.  Check out the English page to read them all. (This one should be there shortly.)  Pass it on.

Give us back our friend! Anti-nuclear power plants!

May 10:
* House Raid
If an individual is caught in the act of a crime, all the evidence must be at the crime scene.  The true object of the house raid that was conducted is psychological pressure, information gathering, and destruction of human relationships targeting the jailed comrade.  This is a human rights violation perpetrated by the collusion among the police, prosecutors, and the court.

May 14:
* Abrupt Confiscation of Retained Personal Effects
On the 14th the police abruptly confiscated the personal effects that they had retained, but not confiscated, immediately after the illegal arrest.  As a result, the comrade’s eyeglasses were taken away, resulting in various difficulties.

* Questioning by Police and Prosecuters (including Exculpatory Information Gathering and Transfer to Prosecuters)
Those who are in charge of the questioning: Yoshinori Miyata, Manabu Nakajima, Hidetada Matsunaga, (first name unknown) Oda, and (first name unknown) Miyazawa of Yoyogi Police Security Division, and Junji Kotani of the Public Security Bureau, Tokyo Discrict Prosecutor’s Office.
Samples of Questions and Remarks: “Did you do it based on your thought and creed?” “Remaining silent will not help you.” “Who are your lawyers?  How many?  What are you telling them?  Did they tell you to remain silent?” “You’d better find out how much attorney fees you will need.” “If you have lawyers not associated with the Rescue Committee, perhaps they would take different actions” “You shouldn’t mix with the Rescue Committee too closely” “If you take us to court, you will probably not last long” “Tell us whatever you have in mind because we can refute your points squarely” “Since when have you been interested in nuclear power plant issues?” “Have you been to Fukushima?” “This is an opportunity to change yourself” etc.  Illegal questions unrelated to the alleged crimes are being asked, such as these, as well as others regarding family, work, personal background, and even the content of the books sent to the comrade in the jail.  The frequency and length of the questioning have increased since around the 14th.  They seem becoming desperate to obtain “confessions” through whatever means.  Their questions and statements that deny the right to communicate with others outside the jail and the right to remain silent violate the Constitution and the Code of Criminal Procedure, and as such, they shouldn’t be tolerated for civil servants who are obliged to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.  Shame on you!

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