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“A Prompt Report on the Discovery Hearing”

May 18, 2011
Many thanks to Love Kindstrand and Francis Guérin for translating this report!

At 4pm on May 17th, the hearing for our two friends still under arrest took place at the Tokyo District Court. The seats for the public were filled with people who came to show their support – to the ones who couldn’t get in: sorry!
We will be back later with a more detailed report, but in the meantime we’re happy to say that the two arrestees smiled and looked calm, at least compared to the turmoil that broke out among the visitors!
The hearing itself was a complete farce, and confirmed once again the complicity between the police, the prosecutor’s office and the district court. Four excellent attorneys were relentlessly grilling Judge Seki Youta, who could not produce any tangible proof to support the accusations against our friends. With constant booing from the public seats, the courtroom was certainly a sight to behold.
Our two friends are scheduled to be released from detention tomorrow, on the 18th. Now that both the proof against our friends, and the grounds for keeping them locked up have been proved to be nonexistent, let’s put an end to this farce! Release our friends immediately!
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