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“Multiple Human Rights Violations (Part One)”

May 17, 2011

Here is Seki Rankai’s translation of the latest report on the 5.7 No Nuke demo arrest and detainment situation.  

●On the Day of the Unjust Arrests

Stop Nuclear Power Plants!!!! Free the Streets!!!!

The two people who are still incarcerated suffered scrapes and bruises in the pandemonium when they were unjustly arrested.  They asked to be taken to a hospital, but treatment for their wounds was delayed “due to the holiday.” Under normal circumstances, they would have been treated as quickly as possible, and we must conclude that this was an attempt to cover up police violence.

Immediately after a police officer called out “public disturbance,” throngs of police began to bear down on our Harajuku comrade in numbers so great [s/he] couldn’t breathe. Our comrade’s eyeglasses were smashed and [her/his] rain slicker was ripped to pieces.  This kind of police conduct is extremely dangerous, has led to fatal injuries in the past, and may very well constitute an abuse of authority by public officers. In fact, a certain Officer Yanagizawa has apparently been grilled over this.

Our Yoyogi comrade was roughly taken into police custody without being told what [s/he] was suspected of doing. All [s/he] was told was that “we have questions” as [s/he] was carted off to the police station.  This arrest violates Article 34 of the Constitution of Japan, which holds that no one can be detained or arrested without being informed of the charges.

Yoshinori Miyata of the Yoyogi Police Station’s Security Division irresponsibly stated, “I didn’t see what happened at the scene, so I don’t know.  You are here, you are under arrest, and that is that.”   Furthermore, the officer who claimed our comrade created a “public disturbance” that “interfered” with officers did not show up, and that person’s title or position was not revealed.  The disingenuousness of the claim of interference with an officer in the line of duty is clear.

●Prosecutorial Investigation

The two were questioned by District Attorney Junji Kotani of the Public Security Bureau of the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office.  He disparaged independence by asking, “Are you thinking for yourself, all on your own?”  At the same time, he apparently also said, “I saw the video, but I couldn’t really understand what was happening.”  Because they are held in flagrante delicto (having been caught red-handed) while even the prosecutor doesn’t know what happened and in the absence of any evidence whatsoever, they should be released.

●Grounds, Request, and Ruling on Detention

In spite of all this, the Prosector’s Office asked for the two to be incarcerated, and Tokyo District Court Judge Yôta Seki rubber-stamped the request. The two asserted the fundamental right to remain silent and were accused of “having no fixed residence,” of “hiding incriminating evidence,” and even of “being flight risks.” The fact that they were remanded for further interrogation can only be understood as a form of punishment and their lengthy detention as a means to exact forced confessions.  From the very beginning, any evidence of the bogus public disturbance was nothing but shit.

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