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Hitomi Kamanaka arrived in Southern California!

May 16, 2011

We here at Project east306 just learned that Kamanaka-san (pictured here) has arrived in Southern California, where tomorrow she will be screening Ashes to Honey: Toward A Sustainable Future as part of “Radioactivism in Japan and Beyond: Grassroots Resistance and Alternatives to Nuclear Energy” at Redlands University, a major event organized by Professors Kota Inoue and Yukiko Kawahara!  If you are in Southern California, please don’t miss this opportunity!  Click here to learn more!

In just one week, she will be in Montréal, as we have announced, to screen Ashes to Honey and also Hibakusha at the End of the World! Between now and then, she will also travel to Chicago, where she will participate in The Atomic Age:  From Hiroshima to the Present, a symposium at the University of Chicago, along with Prof. Norma Field.

Stay tuned, we’ll post reports and more info soon!

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