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Two protestors remain in custody while police conduct raids

May 12, 2011

The following is a translation by Seki Rankai of this news item.  We will follow up soon with translations of related video, news on the arrests and raids, etc.

Caught “red-handed,” you say?  So what’s with the home raids?  Wasn’t the evidence at the scene?

On the afternoon of May 10, police conducted house raids under the pretext of cracking down on the “May 7th No Nukes Demonstration.”  Those of us in the Rescue Committee strongly denounce the court that issued the search warrants and authorized police to use them to carry out unjustifiable “home searches” while our comrades remain incarcerated.

If the actual allegations are that they were caught in flagrante delicto (caught while committing a criminalized action), law enforcement officials would presumably have acquired all necessary evidence at the scene, so the real aim of the house raids is to psychologically intimidate the friends of the incarcerated, gather information, and break down relationships.

Furthermore, our comrades are being held in custody to facilitate the coercion of confessions (and it is unacceptable to imprison someone for the purposes of interrogation).  Holding people in continued captivity and restricting their freedom disingenuously constitutes punishment, plain and simple.

The courts must stop colluding with law enforcement agencies and spitting out warrants like automatic ticket dispensers.  Live up to your promise of keeping violations of human rights in check!  Release our innocent comrades!

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