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Updates on Animals in the “Cautionary” Zone

May 11, 2011

We received the following information from Hiroko Takagi and Jim Fujii.  Thank you both very much!

More than two weeks have passed since the designation of the Cautionary Area (the 20-kilometer radius from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant). Most non-human animals left behind there have yet to be fed or rescued.  Furthermore, when evacuees are allowed to temporarily return to their homes, they are prohibited from taking their companion animals out of the Cautionary Area, even if the animals are alive. 

This calf is eating hay next to her mother, who starved to death.  

More information (in English and Japanese) is available via the ALIVE site.  

We have received some videos on this subject that we hope to get translated into English soon.

Hiroko-san informed us that horses considered of important “intangible cultural heritage” were allowed to be taken out of the Cautionary Area. However, nothing has been done for animals the state doesn’t recognize as valuable in this way.

Hiroko-san sent us the following petition for animal rescue in the Cautionary Area. The Petition is repeatedly submitted to the authorities concerned as more signatures are collected. Hiroko-san translated the petition into English with the help of Choices for Tomorrow. 

Please click here to read the most recent ALIVE report in English on animals in the disaster area.

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