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5.7 Solidarity Message 5.7

May 5, 2011

On May 7th in Shibuya (Tokyo), there will be another massive demo to shut down nuclear power plants.  

Click here to check out the demo website.  

You can view a larger version of the demo march route here.

The following is our solidarity message for those who will participate in the demo.

We send our heartfelt thanks to everyone who is working hard to organize the demo!


The government and power company here in Québec want to recommission a nuclear power plant located on a fault line (Gentilly 2).  We know that the harm caused by nuclear power plants is not simply “somebody else’s problem.”  So, we want to begin by thanking everyone who protests nuclear power in Shibuya and anywhere else on May 7th, because you are protesting for all of us, for our collective survival.  We don’t need nuclear power plants in Québec, in Fukushima, in Ibaraki, or anywhere.  Radiation doesn’t respect borders between towns or nations, so we must look at this as our problem and not a fire on a distant shore.


If you have never been to a demo before but are thinking about participating on May 7th, go for it!  The demo is not scary.  Nuclear power is scary!  Protesting is not strange.  In a situation like the one we face now, it’s strange not to protest.

If you went to the demo in Koenji on April 10th, once is not enough!  Please go again.  We have to keep at it until we abolish that which harms us.

If you are one of the demo organizers, thank you for all your hard work, your creativity, and your courage!  You make it possible for us to do much more together than we can in isolation.


If you feel like it’s hopeless because too many people are comfortable with nuclear power, please think again.  When we read or hear that 40% or 60% or even more people in Japan are okay with nuclear power, we are skeptical. Who made the poll?  What were the questions?  Who was actually polled?  Without the back-stories about all that, we can’t believe in the story presented through the poll.

For generations now, information purportedly about us, about our opinions has been presented to us in the form of poll results.  Yet we have never been polled regarding our opinions on nuclear power.  We’ve actually never been polled at all.  When we talk to people we know (friends, loved ones, students, teachers, neighbors, and coworkers) most of them can say they, too, have never been polled.  So what kind of information do polls really give us?  Are they a reflection of real opinions or a way to influence how and what we think?


For those of us who are older, we knew nuclear power was dangerous.  Even if we only “kind of knew,” we still have some responsibility in what we’ve allowed to happen.  Future generations won’t care about what we felt in our hearts.  They will care about whether or not they can survive on a living planet.  How bad must it get before we take a stand?  What are we waiting for?

For those of us who are younger, we didn’t choose nuclear power.  We were born into this mess, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it.  Let’s say “no” to this harmful inheritance!  Nuclear power can’t be “managed” safely, so why cling to it so desperately?  We are heartsick over animals being left to starve to death and people even younger than us being exposed to harmful radiation.  Instead of being endangered by nuclear power, why not be dangerous to the powers that harm us?

We’ll be watching from here!  Please turn out in massive numbers on May 7th!




A message of solidarity from Project east306 in Montréal

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