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Brief report on yesterday’s teach-in

April 26, 2011

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our teach-in yesterday!

Our youngest and most popular teach-in participant drew this picture of Adrienne, Julie, and Fu Meng at yesterday

Due to time constraints, we are not currently posting notes on our discussions, but we will share action items that come out of the teach-in discussions.

In addition to many great discussions yesterday, we identified six things we’d like to be a part of our upcoming solidarity actions.  Two things we felt worked well the first time were our use of songs and chanting, so we’ll continue with those efforts.  We also identified four new things we feel can help us do more:

1.  One-on-one discussions:  Many people are opposed to nuclear power, but don’t feel like they can do anything about it.  Also, because of the relentless state and industry propaganda, lots of people are understandably confused and unsure.  And many people who are opposed to nuclear power may not feel like they “belong” at a protest. In addition to demonstrations and the like, we want to incorporate a kind of “office hours” into our next actions to create a space that might be more inviting and comfortable for those who may not feel ready to act on their fears, misgivings, etc.  We will set up a table where people can simply come and talk about the issue at our next solidarity action.

2. Something for people to take with them! We will make a flyer with some information connecting local issues to those in Japan. If you can help making graphics and designing flyers, please let us know.

3. A variety of solidarity events! On May 7, we will have a demonstration similar to our last one (though this time, we will do it on Ste. Catherine across from the Bay), but [click here for updated info] we also want to try a more festive (matsuri-style) approach too. We will plan that kind of matsuri-style event for June 11. We discussed possibly doing it on Mont Royal or in the evening at Thomson House. These events will be planned at future teach-ins, so stay tuned and show up if you can.

4. Getting to know our new friend from Fukushima has further motivated us to find ways to get connected to those directly impacted and also find more ways to talk about what we can do together. Since some of us will be going to Japan soon, we will keep discussing and thinking about this via in-person and also remote means.

Tonight, a few of us will be going to the demo at 7pm in front of Hydro Québec at 75 Boul. René Lévesque (at St. Urbain) so we can try to connect with local anti-nuclear groups trying to stop a re-opening of Gentilly 2.

Finally, a number of people have contacted us recently, offering their volunteer translation assistance. Thanks so much, everyone! We appreciate and look forward to your contributions very much!

Photo by Daigo Shima

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  1. Francis permalink
    April 28, 2011 5:48 pm

    Thank you for the updates! 🙂

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