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Pie the Nuclear Guy

April 21, 2011

Following up on this one, Priss has translated another communiqué from the Rhinoceros Party.  Thanks, Priss!


April 13th, 2011.

A government official of Hydro-Quebec was pied during the hearings of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on the restoration of the Gentilly-2 power plant.

View this link:

This morning, the regional director of Hydro-Quebec was happily pied by the general elections candidate, Jean Tilly-2 (aka Francis Arsenault). Mr. Tilly -2 took the opportunity to highlight the illegitimacy of these hearings and of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission itself: “There is no democracy here.”

For Mr. Tilly -2, the CNSC is a nuclear promoter rather than an impartial agency for real nuclear safety. Let us also remember that the Liberal Party of Quebec has reneged on its pre-election promise of not investing billions in nuclear energy. There was never a public debate about whether to renovate the power plant or not. “These hearings are a circus;  all that’s missing is a cream pie!”

The comments from Hydro Québec and CNSC are closer to Rhinoceros’ than scientists’, economists’, or democrats’. “That’s why the goal of today’s joke is also to encourage the Canadian Nuclear Safety and Hydro-Quebec to join the Rhinoceros Party in defending the restoration of Gentilly-2 in more colorful ways.”

NOTE THIS FACT – IT IS NOT A JOKE: The agents of the Surete du Quebec said to one of two people arrested: “It was cool, you should have taken a bigger pie, “and added: “You should have waited until the afternoon, there would have been more media.” Nevertheless, one of them is accused of “assault”! As if pastry can be criminal!

To join or bribe Mr Jean Tilly-2: (418) 328-4510

Foreword: All reproductions of images and files to promote irradiation is strongly encouraged

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