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Teach-in Scheduling and Project Status

April 18, 2011

Due to the fact that Project east306’ers are currently contending with final examinations, papers, and other end-of-semester rituals characteristic of the academic industrial complex, you will notice a slight decrease in our activity over the past few weeks.  But rest assured there is still much more to come – more teach-ins and more translations!  We also have three more exciting radio podcasts to share as soon as we are able to edit and upload them.

We will hold our next teach-in on Monday, April 25 from 12-4pm.  Here is a poll if you’d like to have a say in where we hold the next one.

 What’s a teach-in?

A teach-in is a voluntary learning space that doesn’t follow institutional time or disciplinary conventions. It doesn’t need to happen in a school setting. A teach-in can last longer than a regular class session. A teach-in also usually or ideally ties learning to action. Thus, a teach-in is usually inspired by a sense that some kind of action is necessary and that we have to figure something out in order to do something about it, in order to act. Teach-ins are also different from typical university classes in that they aren’t really interdisciplinary so much as “undisciplinary” learning environments. Please feel free to come and go.  You do not need to stay the whole time, but you are welcome to do so if you like.  Also, please feel free to bring food, friends, etc.


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