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An Appeal to Pro-Nuke Fanatics from the Rhinoceros Party

April 18, 2011

Many thanks to Priss for translating the first of two recent appeals from the Rhinoceros Party!  This is a particularly tough one to translate because of all the puns and wordplay. Nice job, Priss!

April 10th, 2011.

– A Press Release to be savoured immediately –
A former member of the Quebec Liberal Party is asking pronuclear fanatics to join the Rhinoceros party and become “liquidators” of nuclear power plants.

For the attention of the media and pro nuclear activists below;

– Jean Charest, Quebec’s Prime Sinister and employee of multinationals
-Julie Boulet, Minister of Irradiation and Social Disengagement
– Danielle St-Amant, MP and party line follower
-Nathalie Normandeau, Minister and Sub-Contractor of Industry
-Maurice Richard, Chief Demagogue of Bécancour
-Yves Levesque, King of Trois-Rivières
– Michael Binder, Director of the Nuclear Safety Commission and employed by the Conservatives to promote nuclear power
– CEO of the firms Dessau (Jean-Pierre Sauriol) and SNC-Lavalin (Pierre Duhaime), nuclear lobbyist captains
-Michel Arsenault, president of the FTQ and greed-monger for union dues and financial interests
– Engineers’ Union of G2, protectors of the aura of nuclear engineers and scientist fantasy
– Denis Gamache and Richard Perron, Presidents of Chambers of Commerce of Trois-Rivières and Bécancour, great defenders of motel rooms and gas stations for the coming temporary employees.

A former Liberal member appeals to all nuclear activists to join the Rhinoceros Party. Yvon Radiate, a former official member of the Quebec Liberal Party (0891441-8) has decided to join the Rhinoceros Party of Canada.

“Today more than ever, the time has come for solidarity to save Gentilly-2 and promote the entire nuclear industry. I am asking you to join our ranks. Only the Rhinoceros Party can logically defend your aspirations. We urge you to sign a ‘liquidator’ contract that will command you to intervene in cases of nuclear accident. Militants must go head-on. Our party needs nuclear heroes.

Only the Rhinoceros Party thinks like you. Only the Rhinoceros Party gives you credibility and infinite love.
“For a green Canada …
Fluorescent, and life forever irradiated: Vote Jean Tilly-2! ”

To join or bribe Mr Jean Tilly-2:

Jean Tilly-2 is financially bribed by:
Power Corporation (the monster of the marshes), SNC’s L’avalée  (“swallowed”), Dessau de table, Canada Atomic Energy Unlimited, the Canadian Pro-Nuclear Safety Commission, the Federation of Navel Workers, the dictates of the Holy ingenuous Gentilly-2, Iran, India, Pakistan, China and Al Qaeda.

Foreword: All reproductions of images and files to promote irradiation is strongly encouraged


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