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Follow-up teach-in info coming, so stay tuned!

April 13, 2011

Thanks to everyone who helped with the solidarity demo on Sunday, and thanks to everyone who came! To those who couldn’t make it, our demo was spotted by a new friend from Fukushima who joined us and appreciated the action. We also got some thanks from friends and family in Japan.

Today, six anti-nuke protestors were arrested in Montréal at the offices of Hydro Québec.  Read more here and here.

Let’s make sure Gentilly 2 (located on a fault line, everyone) and every other nuclear power plant gets shut down, decommissioned, and taken down for good.  And let’s make sure the genocide managers who do things like erect nuclear plants on fault lines realize they should be doing something different with their time.

We had originally hoped to hold a follow-up teach-in this Friday, but due to scheduling issues, we will have to do it next week. Details will be posted here asap.  If you have something you want added to the plans for the next teach-in, let Adrienne know or leave a comment below.

In case you haven’t heard, the action in Koenji was a big success, and the movements born of this moment are growing. At least 15,000 turned out in Koenji, and there were also demos in other cities in Japan and around the world. The Koenji demo was the biggest march Tokyo has seen in decades.

As many of you may know, police in Japan always hold up marches at intersections (“to let traffic pass”) and otherwise engage in heavy street control, and this makes demos at least look small all the time, especially since protestors are usually made to march in a single line.  However, this time people took over the whole street – for the first time in over 30 years!  Way to go, everyone!!  Those streets are yours, so use them as you like!

Please check out the organizers’ youtube channel!

And some links for pictures here and here!

Finally, we haven’t had a chance to collect them all yet, but here are some nice “shout-outs” for Project east306’ers.

From nakamura_124

From stttomper

From the 410 nonuke site

From another anti-nuke site out of Sapporo

And from illcommonz

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