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More 4.10 No Nuke Translations!

April 2, 2011

Vinci Ting has started translating material from the 410 nonuke website too!  She realized halfway through translating that Julie translated the intro already (project east306 folks get it done!), but we are posting everything Vinci submitted, including the intro.  It’s all too rare to get multiple translations of a single text out there, and in the interest of encouraging lots of thought (and responses) to the call-out for solidarity actions and statements for April 10, we welcome as many translations as folks want to submit.  Vinci also started translating comments (from the bottom-up)!  Way to go, Vinci!  Thank you!  

A call for “Koenji — Stop the Nuclear Power Plant demonstration!!!!!!”

As a result of the big earthquake this time, the Fukushima nuclear plant is becoming a serious issue!

Until now, even though they’ve been saying a lot of “it’s safe” or “nuclear power is eco-friendly”, in the end, it has caused a major accident and radioactivity is spreading!! It’s dangerous! Terrible! What’s more is that relief for the disaster areas is also being held up; fish, vegetation, homes, everything in the vicinity is no good now. Seriously, not kidding here! That kind of nuclear plant should disappear as soon as possible.

Comments in approval — Taking signatures of approval

– Your name

– Your title

– Comment

After filling this out, send it to this email address:

Comments in Approval

I think I want to part ways with you.

Goodbye nuclear plant, thank you for everything.

Children, as an adult who didn’t speak up until it’s become something like this, I am sorry.

Before everything is taken from us by something evil we cannot see, I have made a decision to speak up.

It’s not the time to be saying trivial things.

Let’s speak up now.

— RUMI (rapper)

The “safe myth” is invalid already. We are freeing ourselves from a society immersed in nuclear power, what need is there to hesitate?

— Saitou Takao (journalist)

Having reached this point, since I think we should pour water and sprinkle scatter-prevention agents precisely over the boiling hot heads of those people who continue to be fixed on nuclear power implementation even now, I’ll first approve of the aim of this demo.

— Iwamoto Tarou (freelance writer)

I am angry. At how the issue has become this way. At myself who didn’t do anything up until now.

— Sasaki Yuji (company employee)

The day the earth shed tears of black. That day, I will not forget. The sun, rather than the nuclear plant. The wind. The water. We cannot let our birthplace suffer any longer. We cannot produce yet another child who fears the black rain from nuclear plants. Everything is depending on the way we will live our lives from now on. Let’s light a candle and speak of our love. Let’s speak of freedom, and of peace. We are being allowed to live today. It should not be too late.

— Nishimura Hitomi (reportage writer)

I approve

— Ken (umisuki)

海好き umisuki — 白血病関連リンク検索:血液疾患のリンク集、掲示板。

We don’t need nuclear plants anymore! It’s obvious. Let’s do this demo! It’s normal. Let’s do this lightheartedly! Stuff like there’s no meaning or there’ll be no result are lies.

— Nagano Jun (philosopher)


No matter how you look at it, we’ve had enough of nuclear plants!

What economics, what futuristic?

Look at the earth!

In the morning there’s the sun, and at night there are stars!

…Lately, it’s been hot, we’ll manage somehow. (laugh)

Until now, even when I saw the night view I’d say, “It’s not particular nice, it’s nice but I don’t really dream of it that much, kind of thing”, I was a girl who didn’t really care.

I’m different now.

I don’t need things I don’t need!

Cute guys are cute guys  

I should properly express my intentions everyday!

I will participate on the day!!

— Nakamura Miho (manager of yoga club! delusioned general manager! a girl!)

I’m saying that there’s no way that an advanced country like our Japan doesn’t have any other methods of power supply aside from nuclear power!! Even if we won’t have any electricity after shutting it down, we can redo it from the protos again!! Proto flame, CATCH FIRE!!

— DOREMI FAR-I (‘Seishi’)

First I want the Hamaoka nuclear plant to be shut down.

— Kaji Natsu (independent business)

The target of the demo this time, or the party we want to call to better from this demo, is TEPCO from what I see on this site; but isn’t the biggest ringleader of this case Diet of Japan member Renhou from the Democratic Party of Japan? Something like not releasing the repair expenses for the nuclear plant, I can only think of it as lacking in intellect. Because they aren’t letting the media handle this matter and not making it very public, I would like this to take this opportunity to let the world know.

(Those in the Democratic Party also have connections in the media, and they are using the media to escape their responsibilities and are pushing the blame too much onto TEPCO. The present harm from rumours, and the late sending of aid–the cause of this is from the lack of correspondence on the part of the Democratic Party.)

Without much knowledge or preliminary research, even if you do a demo or the like, the only one who will be glad is the media. And so I think while the media continues to hide the ringleader and leaving her without blame, doing the demo would be meaningless. Aside from the president of TEPCO and the people in charge, a demo that comes to blame even the industry workers would only worsen the problem.

(Blaming the industry workers, that itself would be the same as the harm from rumours, and cornering the industry workers would only push the situation to the worst development possible.)

It will be easy to participate and support if you narrow down the target of blame a bit more.

Personally, wouldn’t Diet member Renhou and Tokyo governor Ishihara be the appropriate targets of blame?

Putting in Prime Minister Kan is fine too, but half of Prime Minister Kan’s correspondence is justifiable.

— Toudou (university lecturer)

I approve of the demo.

— Yukawa Takashi (theatre-related)

TEPCO, goodbye!

— Hachisu Akane


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