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April 10th! Let’s do it!

April 2, 2011

Julie Blandeau knows how to get things done.  She’s already started translating the 410 nonuke blog!  Thanks, Julie!  (She’s already working on the comments too.)

As a result of the earthquake, the Fukushima nuclear power plant is now in a terrible situation.

Even though we’ve always been told that it’s a safe and green power, in the end, an accident happened and radiation is being leaked!! It’s dangerous!! It’s frightening!! To boot, the rescue in areas affected by the disaster is being set back, and the neighboring fishes, vegetables, houses, everything, has been ruined. Really, give me a break. We’d be better off getting rid of nuclear power at once.

As this really pisses me off, let’s trigger a super huge demonstration and show them what we really want!

April 10, Kouenji! Not only there, but let’s take action at the same time all over the country and the world!

Call to action: Shirouto no Ran (Amateur revolt)


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