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Japan – Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus, a new blog

March 25, 2011

We here at Project east306 are very excited about this new blog!

We hope you will join us in reading it as often as possible and sharing it with others.

Here is the short site/project description:

While we are observing the new impetus of global uprising against capitalism and the state, the catastrophic situation is arising in Japan. Triggered by the earthquake and tsunami of maximal scale, Northeastern part of Honshu has been devastated by the increasing number of losses and refugees, and the worsening nuclear disaster. The activity of the planet has shown not only its unequivocal nonhuman force but also the degree in which our societies and their apparatuses forged by capitalism are relying on, merging with, implicated in and expanding over the planet in an extremely ominous manner. What the so-called natural disaster is showing on this occasion is nothing but the implication of the apparatus in the environment and its fatal effects.

In this situation, we intend to translate, quote and analyze as much information as possible from Japanese into English, and translate your encouragements, comments, suggestions, analysis, proposals and anything written in English into Japanese for the vantage point of the people struggling there and everywhere.

J-Fissures Editorial

Please click here to read the full statement!

If you click here, you can read a translation of a post (“To Survive in Tokyo”) from the illcommonz blog.

You can also read the English translation of the All Freeters’ Union statement we mentioned earlier by clicking here.

Please check it out, check back, and pass it on!

And we want to highlight this call to build a refugees’ commune.


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