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id (kai_sendai) on Twitter: Basically, we need activists (Part II)

March 24, 2011

Zoe Brewster is continuing to translate tweets by kai_sendai, a media and arts activist. Please note the call-out (in bold below) for translation support!  Click here to view the first batch of tweets Zoe translated.  Thanks, Zoe!

March 23, 2011

んー、さらには現金集める方法はないものか。県外からの参加者には宿がかかせない。んー。 #sendai#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Hm…Is there any other way to raise more money? It’s vital that people from outside the prefecture have a place to stay while they participate. Hm…


@torao2008 しらなかった!ありがとう。あとはハードか。#sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai in reply to torao2008

—@torao2008: I didn’t know that! Thank you. I guess what’s left is the hardware.


補足:出来る限りHDVでの撮影、編集環境を望んでいます。あと、マイクが重要。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai

—I wish to film and edit in HDV as much as possible. A microphone is essential too.


各メーカー企業のみなさま。メディアセンター創設にあたり、マシン、編集アプリ、ビデオカメラ、デジタルカメラ、マイクなどの提供って無理なものなのでしょうか? #sendai_restoration#smt_again #sendai

—To all manufacturing enterprises. Do you think it is unfeasible for the media centre to offer things like machines, editing applications, video cameras, digital cameras, microphones and such?


@iwaukoM ありがとうございます。いま、ビデオカメラはいいです。というか、そのように2日間だけでも関われるような体制づくりにいま、奔走しています。んー、くやしいけどもうちょっと待って。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai in reply to iwaukoM

—@iwaukoM: Thank you very much. For now we don’t need a video camera. Actually, we’re currently making efforts to organize something that people can be involved in even if its just for two days like that. I know its regrettable but just wait.


March 22, 2011

@com4jai @mediapicnic 時間決まればここに告知ください。よろしくです。 via web in reply to com4jai

—@com4jai @mediapicnic: Please let us know when the time is confirmed. Thanks.


@com4jai @mediapicnic あ、それ大事。いつ、どこでしたっけ? via web in reply to com4jai

—@com4jai @mediapicnic: Oh, that is very important, When and where is the live again?


@com4jai @mediapicnic jaiさん。もちろんお願いしたいです。これも、あれも(笑)via web in reply to com4jai

—@com4jai @mediapicnic: Jai, of course I’d appreciate your help with this and that.


ちなみに。翻訳可能な方。自宅でも出来ます。英語、仏語、独語、伊語、西語、葡語などの欧米語のみならず、中(簡体、繁体)、韓国語、タガログ語、タイ語、マレー語etcあらゆる言語出来る方、追って告知します。#sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

By the way, for those who can translate, you can even do it from home. Not just European languages such as English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, but even Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Malaysian etc. We are looking for anyone who knows any language possible.


@jatani 中高生大歓迎!そのこともすでに学校の先生と話題に。 #sendai #sendai_restoration#smt_again via web in reply to jatani

—@jatani: We greatly welcome teenagers! The topic has already been discussed with the school teachers.


@kerojet 酷いとは? via web in reply to kerojet

—@kerojet: Awful as in what?


@daccha7 ぜひぜひ。関わってほしいです。よろしくお願いします。via web in reply to daccha7

—@daccha7: By all means, I would love for your involvement. I look forward to working with you.


動きは実務的、実質的でなければならない。これがモットー。みなさん、アクセスお願いします。#sendai_restoration #smt_again

—The work has to be practical and substantial. This is the motto. Everyone, I ask you for your contact.


@YuuT223 がんばります。ちゅうか、市あげていまがんばってくれている。実現したい。必要なのは、実働者。つまり…アクティビスト。#sendai #smt_again via web in reply to YuuT223

—@YuuT223 I’ll do my best. In fact, everyone in the town is working hard. I want it to accomplish, but we need people to be involved. Basically, we need activists.


@mecenat_jp @macaroon921 @YuuT223 ありがとう!via web in reply to mecenat_jp

—@mecenat_jp @macaroon921 @YuuT223: Thank you!


@ac_katsura お願いします。in reply to ac_katsura via web

—@ac_katsura: Please. [In reply to his offer on printing the report]

その報告書見たい!“@mecenat_jp: @kai_sendai @YuuT223 メセ協も関わった「阪神・淡路大震災芸術文化被害状況調査報告書」(95.8)→国立国際、民博、出光、逸翁、芦屋市美、エンバ、伊丹市美、神戸市博、竹中大工道具、香雪美、白鶴美、兵庫近美、黒川古文…

—I want to see that report! “@mecenat_jp: @kai_sendai @YuuT223 The Mecenat is now involved ‘Report on the Great Hanshin Earthquake Cultural Art Situation’ (95.8) → National Museum of Art, National Museum of Ethnology, Idemitsu Kosan, Itsuo Art Museum, Emba Museum, Itami Museum of Art, Kobe City Museum, Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, Kosetsu Museum of Art, Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kurokawa Institute of Ancient Cultures…”


“@mueym: @kai_sendai 今カメラ無いってこと?私こっちで手に入れて寄付できるよ。”ちょっと待って。受け口用意するから。

— “@mueym: @kai_sendai So you mean you don’t have a camera? I can get one from here and give you one.” Just hang on, cuz I’ll get the reception set up.


追って関わる窓口を用意するから、待って。とにかく技術を持っている人、技術ないけど克服できる自信のある人、話し合いでものごとを進められる人を求む。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again#sendai

—I will set up contact information in due course, so please wait. In any case, I am looking for people – whether it’s someone with skills, someone without skills but has confidence in conquering, or even just someone who is willing to discuss with – in order to move forward in this.


デジタルビデオカメラが欲しい。 #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—I want a digital video camera. #sendai_restoration #smt_again #sendai


せんだいメディアテーク。市民によるメディアセンターを立ち上げる。記者会見ブース、映像ブース、ラジオブース、テクストブース、翻訳ブース…etc。そしてすべてを復興アーカイブにする。関わりたい人準備を。 #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

—Sendai Mediatheque. A media centre will be built for the townspeople. A press conference booth, visual booth, radio booth, text booth, translation booth…etc. And everything will be recreated into an archive. For those who wish to take part, get ready. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again


March 21, 2011

@koshoan @YuuT223 ありがとうございます。参考になります。 via web in reply to koshoan

—@koshoan @YuuT223: Thank you very much, this will come in handy.[]


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