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id (kai_sendai) on Twitter

March 21, 2011

Zoe Brewster is translating tweets from this Twitter account by a media and arts activist in Sendai.  The abbreviation “smt” refers to the Sendai Mediatheque.  More to come.  Thanks, Zoe!

March 19th,  2011


—There have been intermittent conversations coming from the staff members about whether any programs can be initiated. This is good. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@rancyu61, @stemotoki: どうぞ。

—@rancyu61, @stemotoki: Here you are #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

March 18th, 2011

@silent_passion: すみません。わーわーと。でも、TVからの情報に、東京の人たちも多いに苦しんでる。しかも、中身の差のない数局の報道に。リアリティ無いのに、東京の人たち情報に翻弄され苦しんでる。いや「ねつ造されたリアリティ」という方がいい?もうやめますおやすみなさい。

—@silent_passion: Sorry for being so chattery. However, information on the TV is problematic for people in Tokyo as well. Plus, there are no differences in content between the different stations. Even though they aren’t portraying reality, people in Tokyo are being swayed by the news from what they show. Perhaps it is better to call it a “fabricated reality”. I’ll stop now, have a good night.

@silent_passion: 報道のリテラシーが必要です.装備を。

—-@silent_passion: Media literacy is required. Be prepared.

@silent_passion: さらにいうと、あれでスポンサーから資金得てる放送局およびプロデューサーに問題あると思いませんか?その人の年収1500万超ですよ?それで本当にいいの?そういう情報経路って信用できますか?

—@silent_passion: Furthermore, don’t you think there is a problem with the producers receiving funds from sponsors for the broadcasting company? They get more than their annual income of 15 million. Is this really the right thing? Can we trust their information seeing that it comes from such a route? 

@silent_passion: 医療は不十分。それは正しい。でも、たとえば原発のけん。あの専門用語聞いて、それでいいのですか?

—@silent_passion: That is correct, there is not enough medical care. But with the issue about the nuclear plants for instance, do you think it’s alright just to listen to those professional terminologies?


—For those who live in the city, please only listen to less than half of the information on the TV. Collectively, the TV directors or producers from different stations, at best, only make up a few hundred people. And these people make programs by trying to impress others. This is ignorance. Hold onto yourself!


—Oh, by the way, articles about the Sendai Mediatheque are all speculative at the moment, since we are not accepting any questions or comments from the press. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@daccha7: 大賛成です。その方向ともに探りたいです。今度相談に行きます。いつも来ていただいてばっかりですし。

—@daccha7: I completely agree. I want to investigate towards that direction. Next time I will go over to your place to discuss, since you always kindly come over to ours. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again


—Great sense. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@YuuT223: 神戸アートビレッジセンターや兵庫県立美術館などは「復興のシンボル」的な開館でした。なので、当時あった館がどのようにアクションしたかを知りたいですね、行政施設として。あはは、片付け!

—@YuuT223: Places like the Kobe Art Village Center or Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art symbolize “revival-like” halls. Therefore, it would be great to know how the museums took action at the time [during the Great Hanshin Earthquake], as an administrative facility. Ahaha, clean up! #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

@YuuT223: 具体的には、芦屋市立美術博物館、伊丹市立美術館、西宮市大谷記念美術館とかかしら。ほかにも。

—@YuuT223: Ashiya City Museum of Art and History, Itami City Museum of Art, Nishinomiya City Otani Memorial Art Museum Museum perhaps? There are others. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again

RT YuuT223: @kai_sendai いま思いついたのは、阪神淡路大震災時に被災地の各美術館が行った取り組みについて、情報を収集したい。何か知っている方情報ください。

—RT YuuT223: @kai_sendai, I just thought about this now, but I want to know how the museums that suffered the Great Hanshin Earthquake carried out their efforts. If anyone knows any information about this, please let me know.

@ac_katsura: とりあえず、現在取材はお断りしています。あ、ぼく流し過ぎですね。これ、書かれるのかしら?記者のみなさんへ>ここでの話すべて、位置スタッフの私見です。公式見解では全くありません。書きたいときは正規のルートたどってくださいね。どうぞよろしくお願いします。

—@ac_katsura: For the time being, I am declining all questions being asked for reporting. Hm, I am saying too much here aren’t I? I wonder if this will be referenced. A message to the press> everything said here reflects the views of the entire Sendai Mediatheque staff. It is not an official statement. When referencing, we ask you to please do so in an appropriate manner.

@ac_katsura: いやいや、ありがたいんです。感謝しています。がんがんくちはさんでください!本当にお願いします。いろいろ意見し、議論しながら進めたい。みなさんもぜひ。

—@ac_katsura: No no, anything that can be done to help is much appreciated. I am very grateful, and I urge you to continue to interject. I want to make progress using different ideas, views, and opinions, and I encourage everyone to do so too. #sendai #sendai_restoration #smt_again


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