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“The Origin of Panic”

March 20, 2011

The following, which we learned about from the Irregular Rhythm Asylum blog here, was translated by Fu Meng and Matthew Young.  You can read the original Japanese here.  Thanks, Fu Meng and Matthew!

The Origin of Panic

It is said that “panic magnifies damage.”  Enough of this lie.  Originally, “panic” was a word that appeared in the French revolution and February revolution, used by the bourgeoisie to describe revolutionary communities.  With malice, it was applied by the ignorant authorities to the appearance of the collective intelligence called revolution. This fake concept of panic was inherited by crowd psychologists like Gustave Le Bon, but criticized severely by the real sociologist Gabriel Tarde, and completely demolished by historian Georges Lefebvre.

In other words, “panic” is a false naming, and what it actually designates is an explosion of revolutionary intelligence.  This will not change even in this time of disaster.  Overflowing emotion transforms into a mobilizing intelligence.  Rulers and their sycophants spread a fear of panic, but panic is nothing but a delusion in the minds of rulers. We ought to truly fear invisible radiation and exercise our collective intelligence. Not to tell terrified people to calm down, but together to share this fear. In “I Live in Fear” (Ikimono no Kiroku), Mifune trembles in fear of a hydrogen bomb test, and attempts to emigrate to Brazil. Nevertheless, those panic-phobic people (family) surrounding him deem him to be a madman, and crush the buds of his intelligence. It is OK not to listen to those fearful of panic. In response to the spreading radiation, let us spread poems of dread to chill the spine.  Let us spread poems of “excessive” anxiety. I will repeat: “panic” is a caricature of collective intelligence, and a delusion of rulers. Of our own free will, let us abandon our places of work, urge our friends and neighbors to do likewise, and evacuate the Tokyo area right away. Let us then begin immediate preparations to put an end to nuclear power.


Whether or not France and French territory overseas will suffer damage from the radiation from Japan. This has been discussed on French news programs, just in the same way as the “far far away” Chernobyl disaster used to be discussed in Japan, with terror. Daniel Cohn-Bendit of the Green Party has called for an immediate referendum on eliminating nuclear power. In response, the UMP, the ruling party, has said that “The incident in Japan is not Chernobyl. We have no intention of doing away with atomic energy.” A line is being firmly drawn between a left in favor of abolishing nuclear power and a right for nuclear power. Human kind is now experiencing the whole world in a negative way through the radiation disaster in Japan. For example, in France, it is already being said that nuclear power will likely be the biggest issue of the 2012 presidential election. The prediction that the right and far right will fight over the imaginary problem of immigration is about to be overturned.


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